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USA / Canada Upload! February 28th 2017

Today marks the last day of Frugal February. Who is still with me? Normally this ban is long and torturous, but because of my new job, it went by fast. Easiest ban I've ever had. For tonight's upload I am interested in trying on a few items but will wait. Anything for you tonight? How did you do on your ban? Over the next few days I will write a more detailed post of my spending the past month and what's on my wish list! NTS Jacket  (I kinda like this jacket but I don't think it's worth $148.) NTS Jacket (What does NTS stand for anyway?) Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Chakra Jacquard V1 Black Henna Fast Track Duffle Midnight Navy Energy Bra Shibori Varsity Blue Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Shibori Magnum Black (I like this one best of all Shibori colors but I'm also over WUP Hi-Rise style) Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Shibori Varsiry Blue Out To Lunge Untight Tight Black Define Jacket Deep Rouge (I love this color but I

New from Athleta! February 2017

As the end of my shopping ban is coming to a close, I've been keeping a folder on my laptop with all the things I might purchase in March. Looking at my wish list, I have found there is not a lot of Lululemon in there. I've been looking at Athleta more and found some new items on their website that I'm curious about and would like to try. I really wish Athleta would hire some better photographers. I feel like part of the unappealing factor is bad quality and boring photos. I mean look at this: Metro Slouch Shortie Stripe Even though this photo is awful, I can still see the potential these shorts may have. Granted these aren't really exercise shorts, but as I have enough Speed Shorts in my closet, I'm open to buying other shorts that I can wear out casually. Frankly, my husband is pretty tired of looking at me in workout clothes all the time and for the first time in a long time, this weekend I actually wore jeans two days in a row!  High Rise Prism C

Fit Review Friday! Athleta High Rise Powerful Gleam Tight & High Rise Serpent Chaturanga Tight

As much as I love colorful prints, every girl needs a pair of black leggings. As a general rule if I'm buying black leggings, I try and stay away from solid black leggings. A nice textural print like the one Athleta has right now is totally cool, at least in my book. It gives it a slight edge that can easily transition from workout to street wear. Pair if with knee high boots or a pair of booties and you're good to go. High Rise Serpent Chaturanga Tight For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms and size PXS in Athleta bottoms. Even though these are high rise, I find them to be very comfortable and sit right under my belly button. I've already worn these a bunch of times to workout and to wear casually and they really go with anything.   I think these are super figure flattering and the length fits my petite frame so well.  They have just the right amount of slouch that makes them look really good.  Thes

Werkshop Island Vibes Collection!

Today Werkshop released their latest collection called Island Vibes. This is the complete opposite of what Lululemon is offering these days. Lots of bold colors and prints and totally screaming spring and summer. There are seven different prints available in full length and cropped. Here are my favorites from Island Vibes . Floral Night Surf Ukulele Floral Sky Which one is your favorite? I'm leaning towards Surf or Ukulele. If you're new to Werkshop you can receive $10 off your first order with my referral link .

USA / Canada Upload! February 21st 2016

A whole lotta Body Con items uploaded tonight, but also a whole lotta mesh included, so I'm not very interested. Although interestingly enough Lululemon brought back the original Cool Racerback, but is it just me or does the back look different? Nothing for me, since I'm still on a ban. Good news is we are almost done! Just 7 days left to go! We can do it!!! In other news, Werkshop is releasing a new collection this week. That's probably what I'm going to buy, when the first day of March rolls around, haha. How are you all doing on your ban? Body Con Tank Poseidon Body Con Bra Poseidon Body Con Tight Deep Rouge Sole Training Crop Poseidon Sole Training 7/8 Tight Poseidon   Sole Training Short Sleeve Poseidon Body Con Crop Poseidon Love Tee Crew Deep Rouge Cool Racerback Cranberry (is it just me or does it look like they compressed the T strap in the back so it's shorter? still also looks narrow to me than from the ori