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USA / Canada Upload! February 28th 2017

Today marks the last day of Frugal February. Who is still with me? Normally this ban is long and torturous, but because of my new job, it went by fast. Easiest ban I've ever had. For tonight's upload I am interested in trying on a few items but will wait. Anything for you tonight? How did you do on your ban? Over the next few days I will write a more detailed post of my spending the past month and what's on my wish list!

(I kinda like this jacket but I don't think it's worth $148.)

(What does NTS stand for anyway?)

(I like this one best of all Shibori colors but I'm also over WUP Hi-Rise style)

(I love this color but I wish this was textured)

(This Swiftly actually intrigues me, would like to try this on)

(Still not used to seeing this bag without the pocket!)


  1. I'm curious abut nts jacket since i like spacer fabric. It's light and perfect for after sweat. I wonder what color blue tie is. I saw new swiftly in black and white yesterday and it was interesting but the price always stops me to get it.
    I got mesh sonar capri from Athleta and I'm in love. They're on sales and only $30ish.

    1. The NTS jacket and swiftly are on my list. I definitely want to see these in person. I haven't tried the Sonar Capris from Athleta. I usually prefer full length from Athleta but for $30 that's a good price!

    2. Please report when you check nts jacket. It's kinda hard for me to check new items at the store when i visit with my little monster!!
      Crops from Athleta doesnt give bagginess on calf so i enjoy them so much. I usually dont order them in full price but the sales are so sweer sometimes!

    3. Will definitely report back!

      I love Athleta's petite sizing. It's a whole new world for me, not to have baggy ankles! It makes me so happy!

  2. I'm not a fan of the elastic in the back of the NTS and how short it is, but I like the collar. For me, NTS means Not This Short. Ha.

    1. HAHA that's a good one. What the heck is it supposed to mean anyway?


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