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Bedroom Renovation! Before and After Photos

  Happy Friday! This has been the busiest week I've ever had in a long long time. So glad it's the weekend. I have a lot of items that just arrived that I need to take photos of. Check back on Monday for a Lululemon fit review on the Nulu Fold Tank Tops .  The past month or so I've been talking about renovating our bedroom. It was a long time coming. We've been talking about doing it for probably the last 2 years. I was tired of sleeping on a full size bed with four cats and my husband who likes to sleep with a weighted blanket. It felt like sleeping in a coffin, seriously. I literally couldn't move around with the weighted blanket on one side and my cats all on the other side of me. 😫 I told my husband, we NEED to upgrade to a king size bed.  This is what we had to work with when we moved in 5 years ago. The carpet was a disaster and the windows needed to be replaced. We got new carpet and windows soon after we moved in. For the next 5 years this was our set up. T