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WMTM Warehouse sale January 12th 2017

The rumored warehouse sale is up. Unfortunately nothing for me. I was hoping for some Vinyasa Scarves at the very least. The 105 Singlet in black cherry is tempting, but I have to remind myself they never worked for me (not very petite friendly). Also it's still $44, which isn't too much of a sale! Did you buy anything? Here are my top picks from the sale: 105 Singlet $44 Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise $79  (7 colors available) Outrun 17" Crop $79 Featherlight Tight $79 Free Runner Crop $69 (4 colors available) Pace Rival Crop $74 Free To Be Zen Bra $44 (I really like this one) Free To Be Zen Bra $39  (price drop on the Nulux) Make A Move Short $44 Speed Short $29-$44  (this one is a little tempting) Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise $69 Run For Cold Pullover $79! (half off) Go Getter Bag $99 No Shivers Neck Warmer $29 Fringe Fighter $12  (Nulux) Vinyasa Scarf Quilt $79 (still a bit more than what I&#

USA / Canada Upload! November 15 2016

Pretty boring upload for me, which is good considering it's the holidays.  I need to cut back on my Lululemon so I can buy gifts for family.  Anything for you tonight?  I may try to hit the store Thursday.  I'll hopefully have a fit review up Friday. Brave The Cold Jacket in Deep Indigo Define Jacket in Black Cherry (I think I like Nocturnal Teal better) Align Pant in Black Cherry Wunder Under Pant III in Black Cherry Outrun 17" Crop in Iced Wave Capri Black (people have been saying her stance is odd.  I think it's because she is bow legged, which I am also.  she also has wider hips than the rest of the models) Align Crop in Black Cherry (tempting but I already bought this in darkest magenta) Speed Tight Brushed in Black Cherry Scuba Hoodie in Hero Blue (Received my hoodie in alberta lake and will have a review up tomorrow)