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Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve Crew in Heathered Raspberry and Heathered Peacock

From left to right, heathered peacock, heathered tender violet, heathered raspberry Yesterday my two new Swiftly Short Sleeves arrived!  I was worried the raspberry would be too similar to tender violet, but they are different enough that I am willing to keep both.  Heathered peacock is definitely more green than I usually like, but once I tried it on, I really like how it looked on me so it's also going to be a keeper.  I'm very pleased!   And for those who asked to see some outfits, here are examples of how I dress on the weekends for errands and shopping.  I really love that I can layer my Down For A Run Vest over my On The Daily Hoodie. Vinyasa Scarf, On The Daily Hoodie, Down For A Run Vest, herringbone Wunder Under Tights Jcrew Infinity Scarf, Jcrew Vintage Tee, Cozy Up Buttercup Jacket, Carbon38 Polonium Leggings, Frye Valerie boots. I really love the Polonium Leggings.  I know they are pricey, but so worth it.  Right now, they are completel

What We Love! January 29th 2016

Tuesday's upload will start the Spring collection which is inspired by the colors of Brazil.  Hmm.... makes me think I won't really like any of it.  But we shall see.  This week I purchased a What The Sport Tee which I really love,  however I think the heathered boom juice is a bit too bright for my tastes.  I would prefer berry rumble instead or red grape.  Also in 3 days I start my serious ban for the month of February.  I'm going to be super frugal for 28 days.  You can all join me if you like and we can be miserable together!

Fit Review! Yogi Racer Back III, What The Sport Tee, Pleat To Street Hoodie

It was a nice 43 degrees today, so I took a walk to Lululemon to see what's new.  I didn't find too much, but I took home the What The Sport Tee on mark down for $39 and a Scuba Hoodie. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and size 2 in semi fitted tops and outerwear. What The Sport Tee in Heathered Black Size 2 The What The Sport Tee is actually surprisingly comfortable and light weight.  It looks like a regular t shirt, but the back has a loop where you can thread your headphone wires through to keep them tangle free.  I kind of doubt I'll be using this feature, but it's a good idea.  I hope the quality holds up.  It's fairly loose fitting which I like.  I think I'll be wearing this a lot. Yogi Racer Back III in Space Dye Minty Pink Size 2 Not thrilled at all with the length of this tank! I really liked how this tank fit except for the length.  I asked if they could possibly hem this for me, but the educator told me it would be straight

USA / Canada Upload! January 26th 2016

Sorry for the late update with this.  But tonight's upload was surprising.  I feel like we got a lot more than was expected.  It looks like &Go Take You There Wrap already sold out in the Heathered Grey/Slate in all sizes.  That was fast!  Online only shows sizes 4-12 available and most likely too big on me.  I'll have to check the stores if they carry this in a size 2. &Go Take You There Wrap in Heathered Bordeaux Drama Heathered Gray/Slate Heathered Black Power Y Tank in Cosmic Dot Yogi Racer Back III in Space Dye White Minty Pink (I am tempted to order this) &Go Take Off Tee in Heathered Forage Teal Scuba Hoodie III in Heathered Cadet Blue (notice the rose gold Zipper) Scuba Hoodie III in Double Dot Naval Blue Pleat To Street Hoodie in Heathered Snow Slub Free To Be Wild Bra in Cosmic Dot Light Speed Long Sleeve in Black (Canada Only) &Go Everywhere Dress in Black (Canada Only) Did you guy

UK Upload! January 26th 2016

Fairly small upload today, so maybe my wallet will be safe tonight.  The new Pleat To Street Hoodie intrigues me, but I seriously do not need another hoodie!!  The cotton fleece looks very soft, but I wish they would come out with more interesting colors than the usual black, gray and bordeaux drama. Cool Racerback in Cool Breeze In Flux Jacket in Caspian Blue (super cute) Pleat To Street Hoodie in Black Bordeaux Drama Heathered Snow Slub

Fit Review! Double Dot Naval Blue Scuba Hoodie III!

I saw this at the store today and the iridescent zipper is amazing.  I took my usual size 2 in Scuba Hoodies.  The fit is very slim and the feel is slightly stiff but doesn't feel restrictive. This is my first time uploading a video to my blog.  I hope it works!  I tried to take a video of how the zipper changes colors as you move.  It's really very pretty.  I left it at the store, but now I'm totally regretting not buying it!

What We Love! January 22nd 2016

Looks like this week will be a small upload and February will start the Spring collection.  I normally do not buy a lot of clothing during the Spring and Summer, it gives my wallet a break.  I'm more of a Fall/Winter girl in terms of clothing.  For this week I'm mostly interested in the Pleat To Street Hoodie.  I'm a sucker for hoodies, even though I really don't need another one!

Fit Review! Carbon38 Goldsheep Polonium Leggings & Cozy Up Buttercup Jacket in Black

First up I finally got the Cozy Up Buttercup Jacket in black.  It arrived in the mail today!  My husband got them for me as a surprise. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and usually a size 2 in Lululemon outerwear, but I take a 4 in fitted tops. This jacket is in a size 2 and very comfortable with enough room for layering.  Wearing it unzipped it did not look super big on me, but still oversized mainly because of the collar. I did have a little bit of a hard time getting the collar to lay right because of the asymmetrical zipper.  However once I zipped it up, I think the jacket looked more put together.   Oh, I should have cropped all these photos.  Just ignore the garbage can and coke bottle!  I don't have a plain blank wall for a background, so my closet will have to do! I really like the length on me, it covers my bum completely which is very nice, especially now that we are officially in winter weather here in Boston.  I'm excited to try this j