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Fit Review! Double Dot Naval Blue Scuba Hoodie III!

I saw this at the store today and the iridescent zipper is amazing.  I took my usual size 2 in Scuba Hoodies.  The fit is very slim and the feel is slightly stiff but doesn't feel restrictive.

This is my first time uploading a video to my blog.  I hope it works!  I tried to take a video of how the zipper changes colors as you move.  It's really very pretty.  I left it at the store, but now I'm totally regretting not buying it!


  1. Nice! This looks great on you. I like the fit and the length. Out of curiosity, do you prefer the Scuba II or the Scuba III? I haven't tried either version and was curious as to the difference.

    1. I tried on the Scuba II a long time ago and didn't like the fit. I think it was relatively boxy on me and not very flattering and I thought it felt very stiff. So I definitely prefer the Scuba III. The Scuba III heathered ones are super soft and comfy! The patterned ones are more stiff but I still can take the same size, (usually) once it was too tight across my back, it might have been a bad one off.


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