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How To Ebay Your Items

Happy Friday! This is a continuation of my Closet Clean Out post. If you're looking for my usual Fit Review Friday post, I will have something up next week. 😊 At this point you should feel amazing because your closet is now paired down to what you love. You should have a trash pile, donate pile and a sell pile. Rule of thumb is- if it looks too worn, I would trash it. How to determine if the item can be sold? Usually if it's a Lululemon item, it can definitely be resold. Lululemon is very high in demand these days. Other brands I would do a quick search on Ebay to see if it's worth selling or not. You could always list the item and see if it sells. If it doesn't sell, then donate it. Or if you do not have the time to list things, package them up, and drop them off at the post office I totally understand. This is not for everyone. It usually takes me 10-15 minutes to list an item. Then it's 5-10 minutes to package the item up after it sells. Then you have to