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Fit Review! Cosmic Dot High Times Pant, Vinyasa Scarf, Express Jacket & Camo Legging

Today I went to the Natick Mall to see if the Lululemon store had the Cosmic Dot High Times and they did!  Super excited to see these in person.  I love the High Times Pant in general because the length of these is perfect on me.  They are supposed to be crops, but as long as I don't have to hem them and they're long enough that they can pass as pant length, it is fine with me! These are Full On Luon which I prefer over regular Luon.  They have a smooth feel under my hands and not scratchy.  Regular Luon tends to stick to my fingers and hands.  Fit is TTS for me.  I took my regular size 4 in these.  I really like the print placement and the changes in color at my knees are perfect.  And in case you're wondering that is a new Vinyasa Scarf!    My eye caught a new Vinyasa Scarf at the store.  It's a pretty blue.  I think it might be Heathered Aquamarine?  Hopefully the website will have this up soon, I would like to know the exact name.  It&