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Another store visit! Drop It Like It's Hot Tight, Speed Tight IV

Because of the awesome WMTM sale this week, I went back to the store again to check out the fit on two pairs of bottoms.  Please excuse my hot mess of hair! First up are Drop It Like It's Hot Tights.  For reference I'm a size 4 in bottoms.  The color is Bordeaux Drama which I love.  The length is a bit long on me.  They look more like pants than tights at the bottom.  They weren't bad for $74, but I passed because I wasn't in love with the fit.  I'm sure for the taller folks these would look great. Now for the Speed Tights, I wanted to love them and take them home but didn't like how they looked on me.  Purple is one of my favorite colors, but the lines going across are not too flattering on my short body.  However, if you're just looking for running tights regardless of how it looks, I'm sure these would be great.  The pockets on the sides are awesome.  Nice and big to fit your iPhone.   Last but not least, the Space