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Store Try Ons. Fit Review Friday! Define Jacket, Dance Studio Crop, On The Fly Pant, On The Fly Pant Woven, Scuba Hoodie

Happy Friday everyone! I have a massive fit review today. I've been going to the store more often these days because I'm finally getting some of my bottoms hemmed. The little area where I normally do my photo shoots has been occupied by our old couch because we got a new couch! We finally had the old couch picked up this past Tuesday, so I should have some fit reviews coming up with better photos. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall and typically a size 4 in tops and bottoms. Define Jacket Wee Are From Space Pink Bliss Vintage Mauve Size 4 I saw the new Define Jacket and definitely had to try it on. I'm wearing my normal size 4 in Define Jackets. However this one seems to be more on the tight side, unless I'm putting on some weight, which is totally possible. My New York trip didn't help at all! I really love the pink high lights. The jacket is more pink than it shows in these photos, the lighting at Lululemon wasn't allowin

Fit Review Friday! Stopover Jacket & Define Jacket

Happy Friday! I managed to stop by the store again and tried on a couple of things. This new scatter blossom pattern caught my eye because of the jacquard texture. The deep crimson red and texture really elevates this Define Jacket. I tried on my usual size 4 in Define Jackets. This one in particular is very fitted with not a lot of give or stretch. I would actually prefer to size up because it felt that tight.  Define Jacket Scatter Blossom Jacquard Size 4 I didn't take too many pictures wearing the Define Jacket since it's a staple item. Moving on! Next I have a review of the Stopover Jacket that was requested by one of my readers, I forget who, sorry! This is for you! Stopover Jacket Lunar Rock Size 4 I'm wearing my normal size 4. This is very fitted. It's very tight and a bit uncomfortable really. It looks fine, but I would recommend sizing up. The fabric is very smooth and shows every lump and bump you have! That said, the fabric feels

My February Purchases

So, I'm supposed to only bring in one new item per month, which so far is proving to be a lot harder than it sounds. February started off with my birthday and the first thing I bought was a new Coach bag I was searching for a few months.  Coach 1941 Rexy Dylan Bag Then I fell in love with the heathered auburn colored Vinyasa and purchased that. My sister also gave me a Lululemon gift card for my birthday so I ended up buying a few more things throughout the month. Vinyasa Scarf And of course Sherlock passed away and I fell into sadness and grief and needed some retail therapy. I found an etsy shop that made custom rings and ordered one for each of my fur babies. My ring size is 3.5 and only a few shops could make them that small. They are totally affordable and only cost $21 per ring. It took about a week and a half for them to make. I went with rose gold and font 31 in case anyone was curious. I really love how they turned out and I wear them almost everyda

Fit Review Friday! Breeze By Hooded Tank Squad, Align Crop 21", Define Jacket

Happy Friday everyone! Also how is it March already? This year is going by so fast, I can hardly believe I just completed my second month of Alexia Clark workouts. So far I'm really enjoying them and they're easy on the knees.                                             Breeze By Hooded Tank Squad  Persian Blue Size 4 For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically wear a size 4 in Lululemon tops and bottoms. Today I have a couple of reviews for you. First up, Breeze By Hooded Tank Squad in persian blue. I really love this color, but the neck hole is just too tight around my neck. I could barely get my head through the neck hole. Why they designed it this way, I have no idea. On the plus side, I did like the fabric and how airy it felt. I loved the color and it looked great paired with the nebula Align Crops.  This tank runs true to size, except for the too small neck hole. Next, we have the Align Crops in 21 inches. This was the first time I'm tryi