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Fit Review Friday! Lunar New Year Define Jacket and Everywhere Belt Bag


Happy Friday! I'll be celebrating my big 4-0 birthday on Saturday. Not that I'll be able to do much to celebrate, I plan on doing a lot of take out from my favorite restaurants. I've been craving ramen so bad since I haven't had it in a year. I'm finally just going to cave and do take out. I have a feeling the portions are going to be a lot smaller so I think I'll have to double my usual order. 😅 Do you guys find that to be true? Take out portions are just not the same as dining in.

Like many of you, I was hoping for some really nice Lunar New Year items, but seems like North America were given scraps. I was curious enough to want to see the oasis multi print in person so I placed an order. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. 

Intricate Oasis Multi Size 4

I'm wearing my usual size 4 in Define Jackets. The fit is true to size and definitely slim fit. I wouldn't be able to wear anything other than a bra or maybe the Align Tank or Ebb To Street Tank. Anything with sleeves would be a no-no. The fabric is Nulu and it feels super soft and comfortable. It's four-way stretch and hugs the body. Sometimes I think about sizing up but I feel like the length of the body would be too long.

The color red symbolizes good fortune and happiness and intricate oasis definitely fits the bill. The gold hardware makes this Define Jacket extra special. The lining on the inside is a bright shade of red which I don't think I've ever seen before in a Define Jacket. 

Here are some close up photos of the print. I really like all the little details. It's very well done.

The Lululemon logo on the back is also gold.

Dark Red

I also picked up the Everywhere Belt Bag in dark red. I've been using one ever since I bought my first one in May  of last year. It's one of the best purchases I've ever made. I have a very detailed review of it here. In the meantime I've taken a few mod shots and some close ups of the bag. The hardware is gold as well. It can be hard to tell in the photos, but it's definitely gold.

The color is called dark red, but I would consider this to be a true red. It's perfect. Not too bright, not too dark, but a true red. The gold is a nice contrast and pops against the color. It's different from the normal silver hardware. This would be a great for Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day. It would also work for the holidays in general.

That's it for me! I'll have a follow up post on how my birthday went. Have a nice weekend everybody!


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  1. Nice to know that there belt bag has gold hardware! Hard to tell from the stock pictures and they didn't say it's the new year edition... Looks pretty!

    1. If you do a search for Lunar New Year items on the website, the red shows up. Not sure if it really is a special edition though besides the gold hardware.

      Thank you so much!

  2. I remember the Define Jacket being a sized up item but size 4 fits you perfectly! Not a red person but am loving the pattern and the details. I’ve always wanted to try the Define but size 2 fits too tight and 4 a tad loose in a not too flattering way. :(

    If the Everywhere Belt Bag comes out in a nice grey or purple, I would definitely give it a try. Not liking all the color blocking ones!

    Wishing you a Happy Birthday and hope the ramen won’t let you down! :D

    1. The Define Jacket I can usually wear my usual size 4, but the Hooded Define I definitely have to size up. But I wouldn't be able to wear much underneath the Define. It really fits like a glove, like second skin.

      Yessss, I would love to see a purple or gray too in the EEB.

      Thank you Andrea!! I'm already starting to drool thinking about ramen. =D

  3. Wow, the Define Jacket looks stunning on you! You just convinced me that I NEED it! What, it is sold out in pretty much all sizes already??? Some reviews say that it fits larger than regular define. I sized up to 8 in hooded define. I am wondering if I should stick to 6 or size up. Does it really fit larger than regular define? Size 4 looks perfect on you.

    You look amazing as a soon to be 40 year old! Have a great birthday!

    1. Thank you so much! I can't believe it's almost sold out. Looks like the size 4 is the only one left right now.

      As for fit I haven't tried on a Define Jacket in a long time, it's been a couple of years I think. I don't think it's a size down item though. I would say it's true to size. I do however size up in the Hooded Define Jackets, as I do think it runs small, I prefer wearing a 6 in that one.

      I would stick to the size 6 for you? Unless you prefer it loose then size 8.

      They do say 40 is the new 30. Thank you!!

  4. That Define Jacket looks great on you, and the shade of red in the bag looks very sharp!

    I hope you have a fantastic birthday!

    1. Thank you so much! Sometimes a little pop of red really makes an outfit.

      Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  5. Happy birthday, Leslie! What a coincidence! I'm also turning 40 this year and I had ramen for lunch today! Luckily, my usual spot has very generous portions even for takeout. I can hardly finish...LOL.

    The Lunar New Year define jacket looks beautiful on you! I love the EBB too! Dark red is my favourite red from Lululemon. I find it very flattering on Asian skin tones!

    I hope you'll have a restful weekend and a happy celebration with your hubby! Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much Karen! We'll be in the 40s club together. =)

      I am hoping the portions will be large. I don't mind having some left over ramen.

  6. The red has a pretty pattern up close. It fits like it was made for you. Happy 40th Birthday! I hope you get spoiled.

  7. The red EBB with the define is a LOOK! Happy birthday! :D


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