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May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day to all those who celebrate it. Even fur moms deserve a little something on this holiday. I usually go back to New York for Mother's Day and this is the first year that I haven't been able to do so because of the pandemic. I did FaceTime my mom and grandma today, it's always nice to be able to "see" them. It's so much better than just talking on the phone. 

Today I have a review of what I like to call my pandemic bag. I haven't used one of my high end designer bags since this whole thing began a couple of months ago. I am just a little concerned with everything coming in and out of the house these days and prefer to use something I can easily wipe down or throw in the washing machine. Which is why I purchased Lululemon's Everywhere Belt Bag

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 on a good day. I'm usually a size 4 in tops and bottoms.

Even though 'belt bag' is in the name, I prefer to wear this crossbody. Although I haven't really given it a fair shot wearing it around my waist. Maybe I will try it one of these days, just to see what it's like wearing a fanny pack! 

This is my first bag from Lululemon. I have a backpack that my husband gifted me years ago, but this is the first bag I've purchased for myself from Lululemon. If not for the coronavirus, I doubt I would ever buy a belt bag, but I think this may be the new normal for a long time. This bag is perfect for doing quick errands. I throw it over my shoulder and get in the car without having to remove the bag from my body. Which is huge, because with all my other crossbody bags, I had to remove the bag from my shoulder getting in and out of the car. It becomes a real issue when you're trying not to touch anything these days. The bag doesn't even get in the way when I put my seatbelt on! 

I picked this print because I was looking for something that was neutral but not plain black and I thought this pattern was interesting enough and easy to wear. There are two things I don't really love about this bag. One - the fabric catches all kinds of lint and cat hair! I had to use the lint roller to remove the cat hair and even so, some just wouldn't budge. As for keeping this bag clean, you can easily wipe it down. I use Lysol wipes.

The second thing I don't love is the buckle. It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be for such a  tiny bag. I wish it was just a little smaller and sleeker so it would lay flush against my body. Once the bag is on, it doesn't bother me. It's just the initial adjustments with the strap length that the buckle is very noticeable.

The front of the bag opens up to a large compartment and a little mesh pocket on the side. I haven't used the mesh pocket yet. I mainly keep my two card cases and my phone in the main compartment. This bag actually fits a lot more than I thought it would. I could easily stash more items in here if need be. 

The back of the bag has a zippered compartment. It's a little too small to fit my iPhone X. I keep my keys in the back compartment along with any receipts I get for the day. For $38, I think it's a very good value. 

For those wondering what it looks like as a fanny pack, here you go. It actually doesn't look bad. Like I said, maybe one of these days I'll wear it this way just to see! As for now I really do like my little pandemic bag. That's what I'm calling it. If I bought another one, I think I would get a lighter color. Cherry tint is looking very pretty to me! What do you think of the Everywhere Belt Bag? Are you team A - Over My Dead Body, or Team B - Hey It's Practical! 😂

 That's it for me! Hope you are all staying safe. 


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  1. I was wondering if the Everywhere Belt Bag was practical and thank you for the review! I’m a huge Lululemon Bag fan and have nearly 20 small bags and about 10 larger ones including gym bags. Crazy I know, but they are low maintenance, practical and last for many years.

    You are right that belt bags are perfect these days, I’ve been using mine from ten years ago in this pretty print (with fuchsia lining and sherpa handwarmer!). For some reason I couldn’t find the belt bag online. It comes in handy but is quite flat (2D) so I’ve been eyeing the Everywhere Belt Bag.

    Looks like the Everywhere Belt Bag can accommodate more stuff than I thought but I wish it could fit in a sunglasses case! The print is pretty though and the price is not bad. Glad that it works for you!

    1. Wow! Sounds like an amazing collection. I would love to see pictures one day!

      Deep Coal Creekside Camo is such a gorgeous print. Did that come out in 2011? I was not into Lululemon yet. Makes me sad I missed it.

      The Everywhere Belt bag does not fit a sunglass case. I haven't used my sunglasses since this whole thing started. It's one more thing to touch. My husband does use his but he mainly uses it for driving and he leaves it in the car.

      With things start opening up here in Atlanta, a lot more people are out and about. It's pretty scary! I am hearing my office may start to reopen in phases next month.

    2. I had the Destined for Greatness Duffel as well and the print gorgeous. It was actually my first duffel purchase and is still in great shape,

      When I have time, I’ll dig out the bags and take you some pictures of my Lululemon bag collection! :)

    3. Yesssss I would love that! =D

  2. I really like that belt bag on you. The size of it doesn't overwhelm your frame, and that print is awesome! I purchased one a couple of years ago, but I found it a little too small for me (I like to pack around a lot of stuff). I may have to bring it out again though - using it as a "pandemic bag" is a really good idea. I vote for wearing it crossbody rather than as a fanny pack :)

    1. Hah! Crossbody is definitely the way to go. It's easy to flip it around from the front to the back too. It's been a game changer for me!

  3. Thanks! I really never thought about the handbag I carry during this pandemic. I worried about my wet hands(from the sanitizer) messing up the leather though. Using the everywhere bag is a great idea(wiping it down or throwing in the washing machine). I’m gonna store my expensive bags and pull out the everywhere bag today!

    1. Totally good point about the sanitizer messing up leather. It would probably ruin it. Yikes!

      Is it just me, cuz not being able to use my bags makes me sad. They are my security blanket!

  4. Love that print belt bag! I have this too!

  5. I just got this bag in wild bluebell for exactly this use! I take as little as possible with me when I go to the store. I had been putting my ID, credit card, phone and keys in my coat pocket. But with the weather getting nicer I don't necessarily need a coat now. I will wear it as a fanny pack - I don't care. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The blue is such a pretty color and makes me happy.

    1. So true! Wild bluebell is really pretty. I agree it's a nice pop of color. I saw a couple more colors were added to the sale. It's super practical!


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