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Fit Review Friday! Rothy's Merino Wool Loafer & The Belt Bag

  Happy Friday! Isn't it crazy that summer is starting to wind down? The end of August is coming and I always get a little sad because I do love the long summer days but I also really love fall weather. I was hoping to travel to New York again to visit my family for Thanksgiving (isn't it nuts that the holidays are only a couple of months away?) but with the Delta variant, I am not sure about traveling again. Sigh. In other news, my ban is still going strong and today I have a Rothy's review. These purchases were made a while ago. The Belt Bag I ordered back in June and the Merino Wool Loafer I ordered last month when Rothy's had their big summer sale.  Rothy's sizing reference - I wear size 5 in The Point, size 5.5 in The Loafer, (but a size 5 works in Merino Wool) size 5 in The Mary Janes.  The Belt Bag Biscotti Brown I've been digging the belt bag look these days if worn crossbody and the Biscotti Brown is a gorgeous neutral. The two colors compliment each ot

Fit Review! Rothy's Loafers Indigo Cloud & The Portfolio Indigo Sky

Happy Friday! To those celebrating this weekend- Happy Mother's Day! If you have furbabies - you deserve to be celebrated as well! I know it firsthand how rambunctious and crazy four teenage cats can be. 😅 Also for those of you interested in my second Pfizer shot and how it went- here's a photo of my Covid arm. Lovely! 😖 I had very mild side effects for the most part. I was super tired and groggy the day after, to the point where I took a 30 minute nap during my lunch break. Then after I ate dinner I took a Tylenol and slept for 12 hours straight. I woke up today feeling much better, but my arm is definitely red and itchy. There is a slight lump where I got the shot and my armpit is also pretty sore. Definitely a strange feeling. I'm hoping this will go away soon. Other than that, it went well. I can't really complain. Let's get on to the review! I've been meaning to try a pair of Rothy's Loafers for a while now. They look really comfortable and I like th

Review! Rothy's Mary Jane Golden Gingham & Kid's Rose Double Stitch Loafer

Happy Friday My husband and I have been renovating the bedroom. It's something we've been talking about doing for two years and it's finally happening! So far we have repainted all four walls, pulled up the carpet and now the flooring is about to be put in. (Jared is mainly doing this all himself I'm just helping out where I can.) After that we are finally upgrading our bed from a full size to king size. I cannot wait!!! New nightstands, new rug and then I think we're done. Would you guys be interested in seeing a post on this renovation? Let me know. So this purchase goes back to my 40th birthday. It actually goes even further back, fall of last year when I first saw them pop up on Rothy's website. I fell in love immediately with the Golden Gingham . At the time I thought, I've got no where to go wearing these pretty shoes so I put them off to the back of my wishlist. My first pair of Mary Jane's was purchased February of 2020 and I loved wearing them