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Fit Review Friday! Store Try Ons Vinyasa Scarf, Radiant Jacket, Sit in Lotus Wrap II

Happy Friday! I am so looking forward to this long weekend. My office is closed for Martin Luther King day. I don't have any big plans but it's always nice to have an extra day off. The weekends always fly by. Today's post I will be covering a few items I tried on over the weekend.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. Vinyasa Scarf Incognito Camo HTR Black First thing I saw when I walked into the store was the  Vinyasa Scarf  in camo. Once I felt how soft it was, I couldn't resist. I have not purchased a  Vinyasa Scarf  in a long time. This is a nice addition to my small collection. The different shades of gray work nicely in this print. I cannot stress how soft this one is!!  Next up, Radiant Jacket in heathered spanish oak. I love the spanish oak color and I think it looks very pretty in the Radiant Jacket . I'm wearing a size 4 and was very surprised to find how well it fit. I was very pleased with

Guest Review! Sit In Lotus Wrap II

I have another guest review from Andrea. Thank you so much for the photos of the back of this wrap! I'm definitely passing on this one.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ " I tried on the Sit in Lotus Wrap at a store today and thought I should let you know it looks wearing upside down. Looks pretty in the front but ... Weird in the back in my opinion.  Way too short! Guess that's why they don't show the back view on the website!  My wallet is safe." - Andrea The back of the wrap is definitely too short and a little weird looking. Doesn't look like it lays right. I did end up placing a huge order over the weekend so hopefully I'll have some reviews coming up soon. On the way I have the Transformation Wrap coming, Breeze By Muscle Tank , a couple of Vinyasa Scarves , Ivivva Rhythmic Tights , and Set To Go Joggers . Hope everyone had a great weekend and here's to an awesome December!

Lululemon Upload! Cyber Monday

How was everyone's holiday? I'm back in Atlanta for one day and already miss my grandma so much. But I am happy to be back home with my husband and 2 kitties. I'm happy to see Sherlock is still small but he definitely grew a decent amount in the last 9 days. Right now he's sitting in the crook of my left elbow while I type this post up. I think he's definitely the type of cat that will watch TV. There's tons of Cyber Monday deals today. I'm so tempted to buy a couple of Coach bags that are on sale but I'm trying to be good! I ended up ordering a sweater blazer from Banana Republic for less than half off. Also placed an order for Athleta girls and J.Crew girls. I'll have some really good reviews coming up for those who are super petite! Speed Wunder Tight Nulux Electrobeam (I like the colors, but I don't think this is something I would ever wear) Energy Bra Electrobeam Warm & Restore Sweater Dark Olive (This looks super c