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Ugg Islay Review!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I just want to post a quick review on these Ugg sneakers I bought. These sneakers are not for working out, just casual walking. What I really like about these sneakers is you can fold over the high tops. I normally prefer them up, but I like that you have the option for scrunching these down.  I've worn these with shorts and leggings. Even though they're high tops, they do not make my legs look short. The key is to wear short shorts though! Ugg Islay Sneakers Fit is true to size. I normally wear size 5 in Ugg boots and I fit a size 5 in these. They can feel a little bit on the narrow side so if you do have wider feet I would go up half a size. I got them in the classic black but I was seriously close to ordering them in quartz which is a really pretty pink. I'm still tempted to order them. I do find these to be really comfortable for casual walking. I've walked in them all day without any discomfort. The outsid

Footwear Review Nike Flyknit Lunar, Nike Free Run, Ugg Ayden Sandal!

Let me just say I'm a fan of Nike.  I own 3 pairs of Flyknit Lunars .  The first two pairs I ordered my usual size 5.5 and they fit like a glove.  However after just a few months of wear they developed a hole where my big toe is.  I use these for running and for everyday walking.  I will also admit that I walk a lot.  When I lived in Boston it was normal for me to walk about 5 miles a day.   In NYC you walked everywhere so reaching my daily 10,000 steps wasn't very difficult if I wanted to.  Adding running into the mix and there is a lot of wear and tear.  However I would expect these to last longer than a few months.  I'll admit that a hole in the sneaker is not really a big deal.  No one would probably notice except myself. My husband suggested that maybe they were too small, and I should order the next size up.  I'm hardly ever a size 6 in anything, but I said sure, why not?  I ordered another pair in a size 6 and sure enough 3 months later, I got a small hole.  So