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Footwear Review Nike Flyknit Lunar, Nike Free Run, Ugg Ayden Sandal!

Let me just say I'm a fan of Nike.  I own 3 pairs of Flyknit Lunars.  The first two pairs I ordered my usual size 5.5 and they fit like a glove.  However after just a few months of wear they developed a hole where my big toe is.  I use these for running and for everyday walking.  I will also admit that I walk a lot.  When I lived in Boston it was normal for me to walk about 5 miles a day.   In NYC you walked everywhere so reaching my daily 10,000 steps wasn't very difficult if I wanted to.  Adding running into the mix and there is a lot of wear and tear.  However I would expect these to last longer than a few months.  I'll admit that a hole in the sneaker is not really a big deal.  No one would probably notice except myself.

My husband suggested that maybe they were too small, and I should order the next size up.  I'm hardly ever a size 6 in anything, but I said sure, why not?  I ordered another pair in a size 6 and sure enough 3 months later, I got a small hole.  So I know it's not the size, it's the shoe.  It's sad because I love how comfortable they are.  But I don't think I'll get another pair in flyknit unless they fix the quality issue.

Giant hole, and yes I'm wearing neon yellow socks.   This pair is the size 5.5

Giant hole in my size 6s.

You'll notice on my left foot, the hole isn't as bad.  

It's barely noticeable on the left shoe.

Comparison of the two pairs.

I really love how they look, how they fit.  Everything about them is perfect except for the quality issue.  And these aren't cheap either.  Retail price of these is $150.  I bought my first two pairs at retail and then my 3rd pair I bought on sale for $100.  Still not exactly cheap.  

As for the rest of the sneaker, the wear and tear isn't bad at all.  They still look to be in very good condition still.  

Wow this photo makes the hole look really bad!

So, I decided to head to Nike to see if I can find another pair.  I want something I can run in, workout in with weights and do my everyday walking.  I ended up choosing Nike Free Runs.  

These are also size 5.5

The fit of these is similar to the Flyknit Lunar.  Super snug and also super comfortable.  And yes I have a thing for fun purple pink colors for footwear.  

These are not as expensive as the Flyknit Lunars.  For $120 I'm happy to give these a try.  

I am hoping these won't develop a hole like my others. 

I already gave them a try today.  Did a body weight circuit workout and then ran 2 miles in them.  So far so good.  

You can find these at the Nike website.

And if you're still interested here is a link to the Nike Lunar Flyknits.

I also needed a pair of summer sandals for Hotlanta.  I don't think I can wear sneakers all the time when it gets super hot here.  Flip flops don't work for me, I can't seem to walk long distances in them without totally busting my feet up.  I don't find the thong comfortable either.  

I found these at Ugg and they're super comfortable.  The thong doesn't bother me so much since there is ankle support in the back with the straps.  That helps a lot.  They're not cheap either but for $89 I think they are worth it.  

You can find these Ayden Sandals on Amazon and on the Ugg website.  They also come in black and ivory.

I wore them out yesterday to dinner with my husband for our 1st wedding anniversary!  We had a great time eating at Umi and ordered Omakase.  This is a funny story actually.  If you know me, I can eat a lot.  I eat more than most people I know.  My husband always jokes that his paycheck goes to feeding me.  So when we ordered Omakase at market price, you basically tell them when to stop feeding you.  They asked us 4 times if we had had enough to eat yet before I finally said okay let's get some dessert.  Here's some of the dishes we sampled.

 We ask for the bill and this is what happened next.

The VP at the company my husband works for paid the bill!  We were SO SHOCKED and flabbergasted.  We didn't know what to do!  We sat there with our eyes wide open and just looked at the piece of paper for a few minutes.  The server came by and asked if everything was okay.  We just couldn't believe it.  What a great anniversary gift!  


  1. I love your taste in running shoes.....and you have beautiful feet! Happy anniversary!!!

    1. Thank you! My feet are actually just skin and bone. I wish I could put some fat on them. Haha. We had a great anniversary. Thank you!


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