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If you're itching for a new bag like I am....

Now is the time.  I've been online all night searching for the best deals on bags and here's the list I came up with.  The prices range from $114 and up.  These would make great gifts for yourself or for someone you really love!  And man, this Alexander McQueen clutch stops my heart. This Knuckle Box clutch is amazing $1017 from $1695 via Saks Alexander McQueen Blooms Silk Scarf $269 from $385 via Saks (I know this is a scarf and not a bag, but too pretty not to post) Alexander Wang Mini Marti $477 from $795 via Nordstrom (this is a great convertible backpack.  You can wear it three different ways and the leather is TDF) Alexander Wang Mini Rockie $277 from $595! via Saks (this is such a great deal.  I have one of these bags in nude and use it all the time) $357 via Nordstrom they also price match FYI  $359 via Barneys Alexander Wang Mini Marti Backpack $371 from $795 via Saks (can you tell I am a fan of Alexander Wang?) G

Bags! Purses! Handbags! Oh My!

I vacillate between being a girly-girl and the girl who can be "one of the guys".  One of my weaknesses are handbags.  Last week I caved and bought the Alexander Wang Mini Rockie in Latte.  It's been a while since I bought a bag and I really love it.  The size is small, but for a small bag it can pack a lot.  Much more than my Balenciaga mini city can hold for sure.  I would say it could easily hold double the amount if not more.  It's also light weight, which means I can walk around with it all day with no complaints.  My only gripe is the zipper.  It takes some effort to zip the bag up.  I think it's a crap shoot and I just got one that's tougher to use than others.  It's okay though, I love the bag so much I can deal with it.  The color is super pretty especially with the rose gold hardware.  I looooooove rose gold. I ordered the bag from Shopbop since they had a 20% off coupon.  The price tag is $650, but I got it for $552 after the discount.