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Upload January 29th 2019

I guess all the pretty pinks and lilacs are back and just in time for Valentine's Day. Nothing really caught my eye in this upload except for the pretty quicksand color in the  Hooded Define Jacket .  Cinch It Dress  is also back, but it's a little too cold to be wearing something that skimpy, even for Valentine's Day. 😜 Nothing for me right now. Anything for you?  Hooded Define Jacket Quicksand (very pretty, I wonder if I should give this another try, but size up, but then the sleeves will be way too long. 😢 You can heck out my review here .) Never Still Tank Smoky Blush Time To Restore Sweater Sheer Lilac Scuba Crew Light Chrome Long For It Jacket Black Serene Saturday Long Sleeve Quicksand Rulu Rally Wrap Heathered Graphite Purple (This is almost tempting, but I really do not like a curved hem.) Scuba Pullover Heathered Core Dark Gray Define Jacket Washed Misty Merlot Define Jacket Edged Stripe Jacquard Bluepri

Upload January 15th 2019

A rather small and boring upload tonight. Nothing for me tonight. Looks like the US did not get the Lunar New Year items . Not really my cup of tea though, to be honest. Anything for you tonight? So far, no purchases this year! Woo hoo! Essential Tank Heathered Dark Chrome (This color makes this tank look so drab.) Energy Bra Enlite Scuba Pullover Washed Quicksand (Apparently this is back?) Time To Restore Sweater Sheer Lilac Sundown Wrap Heathered Spanish Oak ($148 for this, even if it is Cashlu...) Push Your Pace Jacket Steam Blue Tight Stuff Tight Gatsby Blue Wunder Under Hi-Rise Engineered Enlight Wunder Under Hi-Rise Engineered Painted Paisley Align Pant Smoky Blush Align Crop Grey Sage