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Upload January 29th 2019

I guess all the pretty pinks and lilacs are back and just in time for Valentine's Day. Nothing really caught my eye in this upload except for the pretty quicksand color in the Hooded Define JacketCinch It Dress is also back, but it's a little too cold to be wearing something that skimpy, even for Valentine's Day. 😜 Nothing for me right now. Anything for you? 

(very pretty, I wonder if I should give this another try, but size up, but then the sleeves will be way too long. 😢 You can heck out my review here.)

(This is almost tempting, but I really do not like a curved hem.)

(This is back, if anyone wants to give it a try, check out my review of it here.


  1. You know I love wraps but like you, I don’t like curved hems so I’ll need to try on the Rulu Rally Wrap to see if I like it or not. I actually prefer wraps in French Terry but the Rulu ones might be good for warmer days.

    Also interested in the Long for It Jacket and saw store pictures of it in grey which I’m definitely more interested in. I love Spacer material and this one seems to be more cottony. Again I’ll will have to check it out in person at a store. I’m tired of waiting for a week for shipment to arrive.

    The Serene Saturday Long Sleeve would be nice if it were shorter.

    1. I'm heading towards another Frugal February, so if there's anything I want to review, I have to decide by tomorrow and place my final order until March! The waiting definitely is painful but sometimes it's better than going to the store and they do not even have it in stock!

    2. I know exactly what you mean! I figured a lot of styles didn’t make it to my local store last year, and it’s a fairly big store! Hate it when some styles ended up being only available online and by the time you realized it they were sold out. I so wanted to try on the Cloudscape Jacket (the long one) but it never made it to the store. Of course size 2 was sold out online in a week or so.

  2. Nothing for me this upload. I do like that new pale blue shown in the 7/8 WU.


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