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New Card Case! Review Louis Vuitton Sarah Multicartes Epi Leather & Alexander McQueen Nocturnal Card Case

My 3 year old Tiffany crocodile card case was looking a little battered so I wanted a card holder that had a snap closure versus a card holder that was made up of 5 card slots. I looked around Louis Vuitton website to see if anything caught my eye and this Sarah Wallet in epi leather in pink made my heart sing. BTW, since when did Louis Vuitton change their boxes from brown to orange? I much prefer the brown color. The orange is just kind of murky. Sarah Multicartes The two contrasting pinks is definitely eye catching. The epi leather is made of cowhide that feels strong and sturdy. This card case has an accordion shape with 4 card compartments inside. I don't know if you can tell from the bottom picture, but the card slots are not wide enough for regular sized credit cards. I had to fit them exactly at the back of each compartment which wasn't easy to do. Maybe after a while, they will stretch for an easier fit, but I am not willing to spend $405+tax for so

If you're itching for a new bag like I am....

Now is the time.  I've been online all night searching for the best deals on bags and here's the list I came up with.  The prices range from $114 and up.  These would make great gifts for yourself or for someone you really love!  And man, this Alexander McQueen clutch stops my heart. This Knuckle Box clutch is amazing $1017 from $1695 via Saks Alexander McQueen Blooms Silk Scarf $269 from $385 via Saks (I know this is a scarf and not a bag, but too pretty not to post) Alexander Wang Mini Marti $477 from $795 via Nordstrom (this is a great convertible backpack.  You can wear it three different ways and the leather is TDF) Alexander Wang Mini Rockie $277 from $595! via Saks (this is such a great deal.  I have one of these bags in nude and use it all the time) $357 via Nordstrom they also price match FYI  $359 via Barneys Alexander Wang Mini Marti Backpack $371 from $795 via Saks (can you tell I am a fan of Alexander Wang?) G

Review of the Stunning Alexander McQueen Wallets In Nocturnal Design

This is a guest review from Angie who was gracious enough to send me all of these photos and a review of each piece.  Thank you so much Angie!  I totally agree with you on unicorns and moths! "I have wanted to get a new wallet for a while.  I first learned about the gorgeous Nocturnal design from Alexander McQueen collection from Petite Impact's review of the key holder . I was instantly enamored. I am a child of the 80’s, who doesn’t want a unicorn on their wallet along with a few pretty blue moths?!  I was not sure which wallet I wanted so I ordered a few to look at, as there aren't any stores close to me in Minnesota that carried these beauties.  I found out that most of the stores that carry Alexander McQueen offer free shipping and returns, i.e. Alexander McQueen online store, Nordstrom, Saks and Neiman Marcus. Just a tiny tidbit, you can find these listed on European sites and pay less due to the currency exchange rate. (clockwise: top left key holder,

It's National Handbag Day!

Everyone who knows me knows I love handbags.  In celebration of National Handbag Day I came up with a list of top 10 handbags that I absolutely love.  This is just a fun post I came up with last night when I couldn't sleep because of my awful allergies. Givenchy Pandora Medium in Anthracite The first time I saw Wendy post this photo of her Givenchy Pandora Bag I was instantly in love.  But I've come to the conclusion that this sized in particular is the large size and would dwarf my petite frame.  I do acknowledge that Wendy herself is only a couple of inches taller than me, but she can somehow pull it off.  I just know that I wouldn't be able pull it off as easily as she does.  So, if I ever win the lotto anytime soon, I would get the smaller version of this bag.  Actually, if I ever win the lotto I would just buy all of the bags on this list! Givenchy Small Pandora in Anthracite I've been dying to try the new Balenciaga Small City size and would real

Alexander McQueen Nocturnal Key holder!

For ten years I've used a Louis Vuitton Cles as my key holder.  I purchased it mainly because I really loved the Groom print.  For something that I used every single day and for it to last ten plus years shows the kind of quality Louis Vuitton is known for. As you can see, the colors are starting to rub off but the monogram canvas looks as good as new.  I also really love the size of the Cles because it fits perfectly in my hand.   The Alexander McQueen key holder was on my fall lust wish list .  Last week I took the plunge and ordered it from their website.  As you can see the Alexander McQueen is substantially bigger than my Louis Vuitton.  It's almost too big for my small hands.  But I can't get over how amazing it looks with unicorns and blue moths.  The zipper pull is a skull which is of course my favorite part.   I don't use too many keys.  Just three keys and a garage door opener (which is actually really thick and sort of cumberso