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Alexander McQueen Nocturnal Key holder!

For ten years I've used a Louis Vuitton Cles as my key holder.  I purchased it mainly because I really loved the Groom print.  For something that I used every single day and for it to last ten plus years shows the kind of quality Louis Vuitton is known for.

As you can see, the colors are starting to rub off but the monogram canvas looks as good as new.  I also really love the size of the Cles because it fits perfectly in my hand.  

The Alexander McQueen key holder was on my fall lust wish list.  Last week I took the plunge and ordered it from their website.  As you can see the Alexander McQueen is substantially bigger than my Louis Vuitton.  It's almost too big for my small hands.  But I can't get over how amazing it looks with unicorns and blue moths.  The zipper pull is a skull which is of course my favorite part.  

I don't use too many keys.  Just three keys and a garage door opener (which is actually really thick and sort of cumbersome to fit in a key holder at times).  

Back in 2005 when I purchased my Louis Vuitton Cles I think I remember it being $195.  For something that's lasted for over ten years I would say it's worth the money.  My new Alexander McQueen key holder cost $295 and I hope it lasts ten years too!

Here's what's in my bag.

I do love my luxury goods!  Counter-clock wise from the top:  Chanel Boy bag, Alexander McQueen card case, Tiffany crocodile card case, Louis Vuitton Evasion Mini Pochette, Alexander McQueen Nocturnal key holder. 

Edit- I also just noticed Nordstrom has this amazing De Manta clutch that is so drool worthy.  Surprisingly the price actually isn't that bad for a clutch.  


  1. Beautiful!! I am totally looking at the wallet version of this. It is so stunning. Not sure if I can justify it? what is your take on these lasting a while. Does the imaging seem like it will weather well? If I got it I would go through Nordstroms because they have fantastic customer service!

    1. The image will definitely wear after a while especially if you're using it everyday and if it's in your bag and other items are rubbing against it, it's only a matter of time before it shows wear. But that said my LV groom one lasted 10+ years. You can see wear on it, but technically it still functions fine and still a beautiful piece. I would expect these to last at least 3 years before it starts to show wear on the outside.

      I just noticed Nordstrom also has an amazing version of this print in a clutch! Will have to update this post and include it! Let me know if you decide to purchase the wallet or not.

  2. Ahhhhhh!!!!!! Gorgeous!!!!! Im using my LV cle for 2 years now and was complaining because I can't get a new one since it always look a new. I need another 8+ years to spend it with. Lol
    I really love your new key pouch. I really love it.

    1. Hahahahaha, if the one you have is just the monogram canvas one, it won't show any wear at all!!! It will literally look new forever. Thanks! I love Alexander McQueen designs. The skulls, the unicorn, the moths, all of it. It's magical.

    2. My mono canvas cle wont show any wear and i will save money on it forever!! I see lots beautiful prints recently from alexander mcqueen and also from gucci. once again, i love your key pouch.

  3. Hi! So random but do you still own this AQ key holder? and if so any chance I could convince you to sell it? Deeply regret never buying anything from this collection. Thanks! :)


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