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USA / Canada Upload! May 17th 2016

Lots of swim items, but not really a fan of swim wear in general, but this bra looks really nice. Free To Be Bra H20 in Yum Yum Pink Alberta Lake Cool Racerback in Freckle Flower Yogi Everyday Tank in Heathered Boom Juice (like this a lot!) Swiftly LS in Heathered Bali Breeze  Swiftly SS in Heathered Tofino Teal Tight Stuff Tight in Palm Lace Tofino Teal Inspire Tight in Palm Lace Tofino Teal All The Right Places Pant in Tofino Teal High Times Pant in Palm Lace Tofino Teal Hi Rise Wunder Under in Boom Juice Pace Rival Crop in Space Dye Camo Alberta Lake Flow & Go Crop in Battleship (not too flattering butt shot here) Tight Stuff Crop in Mini Palm Lace Tofino Teal Wunder Under Crop Reversible in Flash Light/Rosewood Speed Short in Palm Lace Tofino Teal Speed Track Short in Pretty Lace Canada got a few items US did not. Salute The Sun Tank in Heathered Tofino Teal Cool Racerback in Space

Australian Upload! May 2nd 2016

Sorry I'm late on this one.  But they have a few new Swiftly items I like.  It's too bad I live in Atlanta though because it's already summer here and I have no use for anything LS.  So sad! Swiftly LS in Heathered Tofino Teal Swiftly LS in Heathered Rosewood Swiftly Racerback in Heathered Tofino Teal I wonder why they are giving the same name to completely different colors.  That's going to be confusing.  

Upload!! Hong Kong December 10th 2015

They got a couple of nice  tops that I want.  Really hope we get these tonight!  So pretty! Cool Racerback Heathered Forage Teal Swiftly Tech LS in Heathered Jewelled Magenta

USA / Canada Upload!! November 17, 2015

Here are my picks for this week.  Lots of new goodies.  Sapphire in the swiftly LS & SL.  The Tender Violet high times and we finally get some Black Grape products! Swiftly LS in Heathered Sapphire Blue Swiftly SS in Heathered Sapphire Blue I don't have any long sleeve or short sleeve swiftly tops but now I might want to try.  I only buy the tanks usually.  But this I'm curious to see if my short body can pull it off.  I'll go to the store tomorrow and hopefully they'll have these in. Cool Racerback Raspberry Glo Light (I love anything pink!) Cool Racerback Heathered Bordeaux Drama (I might need this!) Toasty Tech Tight II in Black Grape (I love these and may have to try these on) High Times Pant in Space Dye Tender Violet.  (If I'm getting these pants I want the matching Vinyasa too!) Vinyasa Scarf in Space Dye Tender Violet Base Runner Pant in Black Grape Speed Tight IV Rulu in Mini Check Pique

What We Love November 13, 2015

The Peace of Mind Wrap looks interesting but I would be curious as to what the price would be since it has cashmere in it.  The &Go Take Off Fleece looks very cozy but I'm unsure about the laces around the neck just hanging off like that.  It looks a bit odd to be since the laces are black and the fleece is a light gray.  Sometimes contrast just doesn't work.  The LS Swifty looks very pretty in Sapphire Blue.  I would be interested in trying that, I don't have any long sleeve tops believe it or not!  They just don't work on a shortie like me.