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USA / Canada Upload! May 17th 2016

Lots of swim items, but not really a fan of swim wear in general, but this bra looks really nice.

Free To Be Bra H20 in Yum Yum Pink Alberta Lake

Cool Racerback in Freckle Flower

Yogi Everyday Tank in Heathered Boom Juice (like this a lot!)

Swiftly LS in Heathered Bali Breeze 

Swiftly SS in Heathered Tofino Teal

Tight Stuff Tight in Palm Lace Tofino Teal

Inspire Tight in Palm Lace Tofino Teal

All The Right Places Pant in Tofino Teal

High Times Pant in Palm Lace Tofino Teal

Hi Rise Wunder Under in Boom Juice

Pace Rival Crop in Space Dye Camo Alberta Lake

Flow & Go Crop in Battleship (not too flattering butt shot here)

Tight Stuff Crop in Mini Palm Lace Tofino Teal

Wunder Under Crop Reversible in Flash Light/Rosewood

Speed Short in Palm Lace Tofino Teal

Speed Track Short in Pretty Lace

Canada got a few items US did not.

Salute The Sun Tank in Heathered Tofino Teal

Cool Racerback in Space Dye Camo Rosewood (love)

Define Jacket in Space Dye Camp Alberta Lake (love this too bad the photos they have up are bad!)

High Times Pant in Space Camo Dye Seal Gray (also love this!)

Inspire Tight in Palm Camo White Nimbus

Align Pant in Rosewood

Everything Bag in Rosewood Freckle Flower

Did you guys get anything?  Nothing for me but I am going to the store on Thursday to pick up my WU crops so I may see something there and end up buying it.  


  1. I got the Inspires in White Nimbus. I hope they aren't sheer because I love how they look.

    1. Oooooh, let me know how you like them!

    2. I tried them on in store cause I couldn't wait for them to be delivered :P I love them! They are a touch sheer but only when in a deep bend. I was expecting that and don't mind as I'll be using them for running. They'll be great for summer!

  2. I went to the store today and they had lots palm print items. Not a fan of them so I passed all new items. They still had the physically fit tank and it was so cute!!! It was so difficult to choose what color to get. But naw... Nothing for me for this week's new goodies.

    1. Update on my thought; After checking out the website, i liked the new color "fresh teal" on free to be bra. If it comes in energy bra, i will get one. Also, I was lusting over energy nra h2o for awhile. It temps me again but too pricy for a piece of a sport bra. When does it come down to WMTM???????????????

    2. They haven't had a good WMTM the last few weeks. I've been waiting to see if they will ever mark down the What The Sport Tees. I love them but not willing to pay full price. I think I tried on the Free To Be Bra once and it gave me some major back fat lol.


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