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Fit Review! Kids Rothy's Loafer and Sneaker

After receiving my Rothy's copper pointy flats , I wanted to give the kids loafer  and sneaker  a try. For reference I fit a size 5 in women's pointed toe flats . For kids sizes I fit a 3 in the  sneaker  and size 4 in the  loafer . My normal shoe size is 5, sometimes 5.5. White Rainbow - Kids Size 3 Enjoy $20 off your first purchase with code  WELCOME20 . I really love the  White Rainbow  sneakers and they arrived just in time for Pride month! I'm pretty excited to try these out. It's been rainy all weekend. 😕 Hopefully I can wear them out next weekend.  Kids Red Zebra Loafers Size 4 I'm actually very impressed with the loafer. It's too bad my husband hated the red zebra print. He said it reminded him of a bad 70's rug. 😆 I returned these but I am hoping they restock the Navy Crest Loafer in a size 4.  Kids Navy Crest Loafer Kids Sneaker Deep Navy (Also like these as well.) Use my link for $20 off your first purchase

Review! Women's Allbirds Wool Runners

Update- I've partnered up with Allbirds! Super excited to share my personal link . Click on my link for a free pair of Trino socks with your purchase of shoes or apparel. Offer will automatically be applied at checkout if socks are added to your cart. Offer valid while supplies last. Happy Friday everyone! I'm super excited to share with you my review of Allbird's Wool Runners. It took me a long time to finally order a pair mainly because I thought I would need a size 5. (Allbirds only offers whole sizes) While they do have size 5 in stock, the colors offered were drab black and grays. For me, if I'm going to buy a pair I wanted something different, something pretty or something bright. Unfortunately the more interesting colors were only offered in sizes 6 and up. I saw these pretty pink tuke dusk available on their website (limited edition of course) and couldn't say no to them. I bit the bullet and ordered a size 6. My normal sneaker size is usually a size 5

Fit Review- Lululemon TechLoom Phantom Shoe Glow in the Dark

I was curious about these running shoes only because they were glow in the dark. I wanted to know how well they really glowed. I purchased a size 5 but I probably should have gotten the 5.5 to allow thicker socks. I could get these on with thin socks but they were really snug around the ankle and I can see how some might not even be able to get their foot all the way in if you have wide feet.  It wasn't very comfortable at all to wear. I also didn't really like how the shoe laces came out from the inside of the shoe.  TechLoom Phantom Shoe  Glow in the Dark It kind of didn't make sense and I couldn't figure out how to tie them properly. The instructions said you can thread them through the hole inside the shoe but I couldn't figure it out. The shoe laces are really long, so I couldn't see where you can tuck them inside the shoe? Didn't make any sense to me at all. And tying them from the inside made them sit uncomfortably on the

Ugg Islay Review!

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I just want to post a quick review on these Ugg sneakers I bought. These sneakers are not for working out, just casual walking. What I really like about these sneakers is you can fold over the high tops. I normally prefer them up, but I like that you have the option for scrunching these down.  I've worn these with shorts and leggings. Even though they're high tops, they do not make my legs look short. The key is to wear short shorts though! Ugg Islay Sneakers Fit is true to size. I normally wear size 5 in Ugg boots and I fit a size 5 in these. They can feel a little bit on the narrow side so if you do have wider feet I would go up half a size. I got them in the classic black but I was seriously close to ordering them in quartz which is a really pretty pink. I'm still tempted to order them. I do find these to be really comfortable for casual walking. I've walked in them all day without any discomfort. The outsid