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Upload! March 20th 2018

Today is the first day of spring! Doesn't really feel like it, even in Atlanta. Tonight it's dropping down to the 30s and it's pretty windy out. Brrrr... I'm so ready for the warm weather. I don't think there is anything I have to have from tonight's upload except for maybe the Breeze by Muscle tank. I don't usually reach for greens, but this color looks very wearable in my opinion. I have this tank in two other colors and they are fantastic to wear in the summer. Maybe this will be my third? Anything for you tonight? I'm going to hold off until I get to the store sometime this week! Breeze By Muscle Tank Dark Forest Wrap It Back Sweater Heathered Starlight Mix & Mesh SS Tee Quicksand Swiftly SS Dusty Dawn Swiftly LS Dark Forest Scuba Hoodie Pixie Floral So Merlot (This kind of reminds me of wall paper or something?) Hot Mesh Jacket Storm Blue Define Jacket Porcelain Pink (This is really pretty but too pa

Upload! February 27th 2018

There's also one thing I want from every Lululemon upload and tonight it's the dusty rose Scuba Hoodie. I also really like the Hatha Wrap but I know that's not likely to get as much use as a hoodie. The dusty rose looks similar to heather bark berry that came out a few years ago. I wonder which color I would prefer. I guess I'll have to find out! Anything for you tonight? Scuba Hoodie Heathered Dusty Rose Back & Forth Tank Black Currant Cool Racerback Moroccan Blue Free To Be Moved Bra Quicksand Feeling Balanced Sweater Redwood Knot Gonna Fly Tee Graphite Green It's A Tie Long Sleeve Heathered Petals Move With Ease Jacket Dusty Dawn (I do love the color but the jacket looks so boxy) Reveal 7/8 Tight Blue Tied Wunder Under Pant Hi-Rise Tech Mesh Dark Olive Align Pant Deep Phantom Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Linear Flux Battleship Wunder Under Hi-Rise 7/8 Tight Linear Flux Battleship Speed U