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Review! Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzle

While in Boston, we walked a lot. About 9 miles a day. I was wearing my Allbirds Wool Runners and  we saw an Allbirds store on Newbury Street. It wasn't my first time entering an actual Allbirds store, but it was for my husband. He has always complained about not being able to wear his Allbirds in the rain. Well, what do you know, Allbirds just dropped their new Mizzle Collection . The definition of the word mizzle means light rain; drizzle.  I finally purchased a pair of Allbirds from an actual brick and mortar. I of course went with the color harvest. The color my husband wanted was sold out in his size, so he ended up ordering a pair online.  Harvest Mizzle First of all, I have to mention how awesome the staff was at the store. Super friendly and very helpful. Check out how cool their packaging is. There is no need for a shopping bag. At the register, they ring you up and use an extra shoelace to create a handle for you to hold. It's pretty