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Upload! June 4th 2019

I actually really like the Utopia print in small doses. I think it looks great as a bra, but not so much for tights. I would love to see it in a FTBW bra and maybe Speed Up shorts! Also interested in  With The Flow Pant . Has anyone tried  On The Fly Short ? I'm curious about the woven fabric in the cherry cola color. I've been wearing the same 3 pairs of shorts the past few years. I can't seem to find anything new that is flattering for petites that are not super short shorts. Anything too long and it makes me look a little frumpy. Also quick question for you all, do you prefer my photo shoots in my condo or do you prefer the store try on reviews? The plus side of the fitting room reviews is a much quicker turn around on my blog. The ones that take place in my unit take longer to set up and edit. They're not as spontaneous, but much better photo quality. Any feedback would be appreciated! Flow Y Bra Nulu Utopia   (I think this print looks really good on a smal