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Store Visit Today Fit Review for Tender Violet Down For A Run Vest, Down For A Run Jacket, Vinyasa, Speed Tight IV

First up, Tender Violet Down For A Run Jacket.  I love this color so much I wanted to give it another try, but sadly the back of the jacket is just too long on me.  The front looks fantastic, but the back just kills it for me.  I love the new Vinyasa scarf too.  Wish I knew what the name of the color was!  The jacket is a size 2.  I feel it is true to size.  Some people are put off by the contrasting panels but I don't mind it.   The dip on the butt just looks off.   New Vinyasa, super cute.  I might go back for it. The vest fit me better in a size 4.  The 2 was just too suffocating.  The back was not as long as the jacket on me, but I still left it behind since I don't have much use for vests.  If you're interested in the vest in this style, I suggest size up. These are the herringbone Speed Tights.  At first glance they're very long on me, but since the bottom scrunches up a bit it they're passable on m

Upload!! 11/10/2015 USA Canada

Love the Tender Violet Down items.  The Down For A Run Jacket doesn't work well on my petite body, so I may have to get the vest instead in this color.  Although I wonder if we will get more down items in the Berry Rumble color since we did get this in the mittens. Down For A Run Jacket in Tender Violet.  Sooooo Pretty!   Down For A Run Vest in Tender Violet.  I definitely want to try this. Scuba Hoodie III in Bordeaux Drama - Probably end up ordering this for sure.  I'm a sucker for burgundy! Swiftly Tech Racerback in Raspberry Glo Light.  Love the color but not sure on the print. Free To Be Wild Bra in Flashback Static Blue Sapphire. Speed Tight IV Rulu in Tender Violet, I like these would like to try. Align Pant in Blue Sapphire.  I need to try a pair of these.  I've been hearing amazing things about them. Run Speed Short in Raspberry Glo.  These are cute I want them! Divinity Scarf in Black Grape.  I am

Store Visit Today - Down For A Run Vest & Down For A Run Jacket Review

The store had all of the down items in stock but I only decided to try on the vest and the jacket as I am not a big fan of pullovers.  Of all the colors, the Black Grape is the nicest out of the four.  My second favorite color would be the Forage Teal, but I'm not a big fan of green.  The white is just too white and I would never be able to keep it clean.  The black is too boring.  Looks like everything else.  So if the vest ever came out in Black Grape I would consider it. Down For A Run Vest in Size 2 I tried on both the size 2 and the 4.  The 2 definitely fit me best.  I liked how slim it made me look.  It's very figure flattering.  The back looks very nice.  However, I don't usually wear vests....   This is a size 4.  Noticeably looser, more comfortable for layering. Down For A Run Jacket in White Size 2 Interestingly enough, the stores carry a size 2 but the website only has size 4 and up.  What I didn't like about this jacket is t

Upload 11/03/2015 USA Canada

Another lame US upload.  Again nothing for me this week!  Weird that the Down For a Run Jacket does not come in a size 2 on the website.  I also wish they would release it in Black Grape.  Does anyone know if this jacket runs small?   Down for a Run Vest in Forage Teal Down for a Run Jacket in Black Down For a Run Pullover in Black Grape Scuba Hoodie III in Wee Stripe Heathered Gray Speed Tights in Forage Teal Herringbone Rest Less Hoodie Canada Only in Ultra Violet I kinda love the Rest Less hoodie in Ultra Violet but too bad I can never wear long sleeve tops.  I just get too hot in them.  Also love the Scuba Hoodie III in the Wee Striped Gray but I have something so similar to that already so I can pass.