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Store Visit Today - Down For A Run Vest & Down For A Run Jacket Review

The store had all of the down items in stock but I only decided to try on the vest and the jacket as I am not a big fan of pullovers.  Of all the colors, the Black Grape is the nicest out of the four.  My second favorite color would be the Forage Teal, but I'm not a big fan of green.  The white is just too white and I would never be able to keep it clean.  The black is too boring.  Looks like everything else.  So if the vest ever came out in Black Grape I would consider it.

Down For A Run Vest in Size 2

I tried on both the size 2 and the 4.  The 2 definitely fit me best.  I liked how slim it made me look.  It's very figure flattering.  The back looks very nice.  However, I don't usually wear vests....  

This is a size 4.  Noticeably looser, more comfortable for layering.

Down For A Run Jacket in White Size 2

Interestingly enough, the stores carry a size 2 but the website only has size 4 and up.  What I didn't like about this jacket is the back of the coat is way too long for a shortie like me.  It looks like a duck tail almost.  Not very flattering, so this is a no for me.  Front looks good.  The jacket is also a little looser than the vest.  The vest is definitely snug.

Fluffin Awesome Jacket in Size 2 on Final Sale for $149!!   You bet I bought it.  Also pictured here Turn Around Tights in Heathered Black Size 4.

I've been debating about the Turn Around Tights forever.  I love all 3 colors and the Heathered Black looks the best in terms of not looking like long johns.  I may give in and go back to get one.  But the herringbone is soooooo soft.  Maybe if they end up on WMTM?

Here is a better modeling shot of the Turn Around Tights Size 4 in Heathered Black