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Upload! August 27th 2019

Small upload tonight! Looks like the  Every Journey Hoodie  is back and I am loving the frosted mulberry color. It's not really a fall color, but I'll take it anyway. The only thing I am actually really interested in is the  Vinyasa Scarf French Terry . I noticed the price is $68 rather the usual $48. I wonder what is different about it that warrants the hefty price tag. It's been a long time since I've placed a Lululemon order. I'm definitely due for one after my ban! Every Journey Hoodie Frosted Mulberry Love Crew Frosted Mulberry Time To Restore Short Sleeve Rustic Clay Stand Steady V-Neck Sweater Smoky Blush Stand Steady Mock Neck Sweater Silver Lilac Cates Tee Heathered Core Light Gray Do The Daily Short Sleeve Code Blue Swiftly Relaxed Long Sleeve Powdered Rose Pack It Down Jacket Long Marvel Vinyasa Scarf French Terry Washed Plumful Vinyasa Scarf French Terry Washed Code Blue