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Upload! August 27th 2019

Small upload tonight! Looks like the Every Journey Hoodie is back and I am loving the frosted mulberry color. It's not really a fall color, but I'll take it anyway. The only thing I am actually really interested in is the Vinyasa Scarf French Terry. I noticed the price is $68 rather the usual $48. I wonder what is different about it that warrants the hefty price tag. It's been a long time since I've placed a Lululemon order. I'm definitely due for one after my ban!


  1. Love the Washed Code Blue Color of the new Vinyasa Scarf but not sure about the material. The French Terry loops will probably got caught by the lobster clasp of my necklace in no time.

    Nothing else interests me and my wallet is safe.

    I am still having problems ordering through the Lululemon website. Tried Safari and Chrome on my iPad and Internet Explorer on my desktop computer but none worked. Emailed Lululemon but didn’t get much help. Finally installed the Lululemon APP and it seems to work. Sigh ...

    Just a few more days and you’ll be over the ban! :D

    1. Wow I wonder what is going on. I haven't placed an order in a long time maybe a couple of months. That is really weird and I'm sure Lululemon is losing a lot of money in missed orders!

      Yes two more daysssss! So close!


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