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Frugal February Challenge, Fit Requests, and My Growing Wish!

  I can't believe February is right around the corner. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I'll be participating in Frugal February. If you're new to my blog, this is something I do every year and have been for a long time. I look forward to this even though February is my birthday month. It's somewhat of a silver lining because it doesn't allow me to go completely crazy and celebrate my birthday all month long. However, I do keep a wish list going and once March comes around, if I still want those items, I allow myself to purchase them. This way it's a thought out purchase and not an impulse buy. Well, you may ask, "What happens if the stuff on your wish list sells out?" It's perfectly fine if it does because I'm sure it'll be a little painful but there's always secondhand platforms like Poshmark or Ebay if I really REALLY want the item.  I like to do this challenge twice a year. It allows me to reset my sho

My Current Fall Wish List!

My shopping ban in August was pretty successful. I really didn't purchase anything except for a couple of clothing items that needed to be replaced for work, and the cost was fairly minimal since everything was 50% off or more. It's already the 8th and I have yet to place an order for anything! I did go shopping today and browsed Lululemon and Athleta. Athleta is having their Friends & Family sale starting the 11th, so I will be waiting for that. I have my eye on a few things. Coach is also having their F&F sale around the same time. Although based on their current stock, I don't think I'll be getting my hands on what I want.  Without further ado, here's my current wish list! Harmony Wrap   I tried this wrap on at the store today. Personally I really love it!! It IS long, but I am digging the look and the softness of it kind of sealed the deal for me. I'll have a fit review on Friday for this wrap, but I'll probably order it when the A

Thoughts on Frugal February and my Current Wish List!

Every February I make myself go on a shopping ban. It seems like the right thing to do post holiday shopping. Just to give you an idea of what my January spending looked like, I spent $627 just on activewear alone . Talk about crazy, right? I spent about $465 on an interview suit, button up shirt and shoes which I think paid off, since I got the job. Then I went to New York and decided to get new glasses and contacts which totaled to $476. Those are just some of the big ticket items in January. This month was completely different. I did however need some new work clothes. Here are my results for Frugal February. Food - $75.28 (this includes lunches purchased at work and supermarket runs, although I'll admit my husband pays for most of the groceries) 😂 Taxi- $18.17 (I don't drive and on the days I couldn't catch a ride from my husband or co worker I paid for Lyft or Uber) Work clothes- $242.84 (purchased two pairs of pants, a sweater and tank) Phone case - $12

My Current Lust List!

As most of you know, I was on a shopping ban for all of February.  Now that it's over (well I have 10.5 hours exactly) I want to look over my lust list.  Here is what I've been lusting over for a month or so. Alexander Wang Mini Rockie in Latte with Rose Gold Hardware I will always have a love for bags, and this one caught my eye.  The color is a light brown which is perfect for Spring/Summer but can also work with Fall/Winter whites.  I absolutely love the rose gold hardware.  I used to own a regular sized Rocco bag, but it was too heavy for me.  This mini Rockie weighs a little less than 2 pounds and I'm pretty sure I can handle that.   S'well bottle Jade 9 oz S'well bottle Blue Marble 17 oz S'well bottle Neptune 17oz I'm pretty obsessed with S'well bottles.  I don't think I'll actually get 3 new ones, but I would like a smaller sized and maybe add another 17 oz to my current wood one.  I'll have to think about i