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Frugal February Challenge, Fit Requests, and My Growing Wish!


I can't believe February is right around the corner. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I'll be participating in Frugal February. If you're new to my blog, this is something I do every year and have been for a long time. I look forward to this even though February is my birthday month. It's somewhat of a silver lining because it doesn't allow me to go completely crazy and celebrate my birthday all month long. However, I do keep a wish list going and once March comes around, if I still want those items, I allow myself to purchase them. This way it's a thought out purchase and not an impulse buy. Well, you may ask, "What happens if the stuff on your wish list sells out?" It's perfectly fine if it does because I'm sure it'll be a little painful but there's always secondhand platforms like Poshmark or Ebay if I really REALLY want the item. 

I like to do this challenge twice a year. It allows me to reset my shopping habits and I spend the month going through my closet to weed out items I no longer use and re-home or donate them. I actually already started doing this and listed a few items on my Poshmark account.

I did try and attempt a no-buy January as well, but I wasn't completely successful. I was sitting on store credit from Aritzia and ended up finally using it on two cashmere sweaters. Here's hoping I like them because they are unfortunately final sale items as they were on extreme markdown. This will be my first cashmere purchases from Aritzia and it'll be interesting to see how they compare to my Naked Cashmere pieces. I also purchased a vintage Fendi Mini Spy bag in amazing condition for a great price. Is there any interest in seeing a review of the bag? I don't usually review vintage pieces, but if anyone wants to see it, let me know in the comments and I'll be happy to oblige.

You're all welcome to join me on my Frugal February Challenge! It'll go by fast and after the first week, it really doesn't feel like you're missing much especially since Lululemon's recent drops have been pretty boring, although I am looking forward to the Scuba Cropped Hoodie. 

Before I get to my wish list, after debating for a bit, I decided that I will place a couple of orders for fit requests. I am going to return the items after reviewing so it doesn't count against my challenge. I made the decision based on my blog being a fit review site first and foremost and I really do like helping others out on their purchases. That said, I have the Warpstreme Zip Front Jumpsuit and Softstreme Relaxed Fit T-Shirt coming from Lululemon. I also placed an order from Athleta for the Elation Pant. Technically I did place both orders before February. 😅

As for my ever growing wish list, here it is! 

(Handbags are my #1 weakness!)

(Just love this color.)

(I've been eyeing this for a LONG time now!)

(Wouldn't mind getting this in a fun Salvia Pink too, for a pop of color under a sweater.)

(Damask Mauve is really pretty too.)

(This has a 26" inseam and might work well for us petites!)

(I haven't tried a Lulu bra in a long time, this is on my list to review.)

(Too soon for shorts?)

Let me know if you'll be joining me in the Frugal February Challenge. Hope you have a fantastic Monday!


  1. Hi! I’m going to try Frugal February with you! I have had two pairs of Tory Burch shoes (on markdown of course) in my bag for a couple weeks now. I may order them later today.

    I think if we miss anything in February it’s ok because there will be new things in March that we may like even more.

    1. Hi! Yay thanks for joining me! February is the shortest month of the year and that's another reason why I do it. It's so true though, there will always be new things to tempt us!

    2. Update:

      I placed my Tory order for those two pairs of shoes.

      I ordered two swiftly tanks and a pair of shorts from the Lulu markdown section.

      And that’s it! Ready for Frugal February!

    3. Hope the Tory shoes work out! It's good to get the orders out of your system now. We got this challenge! We're ready!

  2. I will also be joining you for Frugal Feb! I don't need more workout gear, but I could use more casual/work pieces.

    That said, FOMO hit, and I ended up ordering the Warpstreme Jumpsuit after all. Good thing - because black is now completely sold out, though I did order the green one over black. I'm very curious to know your thoughts about it. I went with a size 2 and am glad I did because the barrel legs are pretty wide. It's not a look I'm used to, but I think I like it. The top, waist, and hips are a perfect fit. My only issue is that it hits at a weird place on my legs - pretty much where 23" crops hit. I feel like the length cuts me off, but maybe wedges/heels could fix that - or I could possible crop into shorter capris or even shorts. Either way, it's mine for keeps since I can't return. I think it's a nice change from LLL and hope to see more like it.

    1. Hi LZ! Thanks for joining Frugal February! I also ordered the Warpstreme Jumpsuit in the green too. I hope the barrel legs don't make my legs look short. I'm glad you like it! Why aren't you allowed to return? I wish Lulu would release a women's version of the New Venture Blazer. Would love to add somthing similar to my wardrobe.

    2. They are weird about employee returns. I don't even have the option in my online account, and my store doesn't like it. I would also love a women's New Venture Blazer! I've almost purchased it a couple of times in XS but decided it would be way too long in overall length and shoulder-to-armpit.

    3. Oh wow, didn't know they didn't like returns. I hope you at least got a pretty good discount on it. Yeah I read a few reviews of petites trying the blazer in size XS, but they complained about the length, it goes down to mid-thigh. Maybe they will release one for women's soon! It'll sell like hot cakes I'm sure.

  3. I'll be joining you! I need to cut back on buying more clothes I don't need! And I will also do a wishlist. I am interested in the LLL asymmetrical bra. Not too soon for shorts bc they sell out right away come summer time... but I do want a fun color pair of LLL shorts for summer.

    1. Hi Janessa! Woo hoo! More the merrier. We can do this together. Yes, I totally agree we don't need more. I'm going to really pull stuff from my closet that don't work for me anymore. The hardest part is trying not to feel guilty about it!


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