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USA / Canada Upload!!! Boxing Day December 26th 2015

looks like a pretty small upload.  Not much interests me at full price to be honest.  Nothing enough to make me want to pull the trigger.  The WMTM sale is pretty awesome though I have to admit.  I'll write about that in a separate post. For US lots of Blooming Pixie Raspberry. Strap It Like It's Hot Bra in Blooming Pixie Raspberry.  I have to admit it looks pretty badass in this print.   Vent it Out Jacket in Blooming Pixie Raspberry Toasty Tech Tight II in Blooming Pixie Raspberry Run Times Short in Blooming Pixie Raspberry Run Speed Short in Blooming Pixie Raspberry And Canada got some other items the US didn't get.  I think Canada got a better upload this week. I'm especially digging the backpack and duffle bag. Urban Warrior Duffle in Blooming Pixie Run All Day Backpack in Blooming Pixie Strap It Like It's Hot Tank in Blooming Pixie  Inspire Tight II in Space Dye Very Light Flare Pace Rival Crop in Sp

USA / Canada Upload!! December 15th 2015

Tonight's upload has lots of new products but not so much that I would shell out my money for. This Lighten Up Bra is SUPER cute and I would like to try this.  Shown in Flashback Static Jewelled Magenta.  Sweet Savasana Pullover in Heathered Gray.  This also comes in Bordeaux Drama & Black.  A very pretty Runderful 1/2 Zip in Berry Rumble. Karmic Cocoon Wrap in Bordeaux Drama for a painful price of $198.  Also comes in Heathered Black. Hustle In Your Bustle Jacket in Space Dye Tender Violet.  I love the color but not the peplum style. We got the Run Speed Shorts in Static Mist.  I might get it if it makes its way to WMTM. I've been eyeing this for weeks!  Totally getting this awesome Vinyasa Scarf in Flashback Static Tender Violet.  I just hope the fleece isn't too thick. Vinyasa Scarf with a Zip in Tonka Stripe Slate Black.  I like how it looks but I'm unsure about the zipper.  Bundle Up Ur Bundas Onsie Not sur

USA Upload!! Finally! December 9th 2015

I'm starting to confuse with what is actually new for these incredibly lame uploads.  Not sure what happened last night but I think the upload on the US side finally went live around 5am.  I'll post what I think is new.  So far the only thing I really am interested in this week is the Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket. I can't decide if I rather have it in the Bordeaux or Silver Spoon.  Since I missed out on the Bordeaux in the Scuba Hoodie III, this one might satisfy me. Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket in Heathered Bordeaux Drama Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket in Silver Spoon Swiftly Racerback in Heathered Slate Swiftly Short Sleeve in Heathered Duck Sauce Swiftly Long Sleeve in Berry Rumble I'm not crazy about all the stripes going on in these new Swiftly tops.  Also why name a color Duck Sauce?!!  Is it just me or has that gray racerback old?  I swear I saw that over the summer... Rest Less Hoodie in Black Runderful 1/2 Zip in Heathered Slate.  I've

Store Visit Today Sapphire Blue Swiftly SS, High Times Pant Tender Violet, Rebel Runner Crop, Toasty Tech Tights

This was a very dangerous visit today.  Lots of new things to try on.  I think I went in with 10 items.   I was in that fitting room for a long long time. First up are the new Sapphire Blue in the Swiftly SS.  I love how soft the material felt and the blue is a very dark navy blue.  It's not as bright as I hoped, but I liked it enough to take it home.  $58.  Ouch!  But I already took it for a run and I'm pretty happy with the purchase.  It is my first Swiftly SS.  I would get more if there were other colors that interested me.  For reference I'm a size 4 in Swiftly tanks and tees.  I also wanted to try the long sleeve version as well, but the store didn't have a size 4.  Bummer. Love my neon green socks, don't you?  =) I'm also wearing the High Times Pant in the Space Dye Tender Violet in size 4.  These fit amazingly well and oh so soft.  I really want them but I don't think I could wear these out casually.  $98 for lounge pants kind of hurts.