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Upload! January 16th 2018

Out of everything that's been uploaded tonight I'm liking the Swiftly in quicksand. I don't know why I'm such a sucker for Swiftly tanks. I just bought the pink paradise color last month and while I do really love it, how many tanks does one need? I'm also eyeing a couple of the FTBW bras, but that I actually do need. I could use a few more since I'm always running out of bras and then I'm forced to do laundry. I have a few things in my cart, but am holding off. I want to try and make it to a store but we'll see how long I can hold out. Anything for you tonight? Swiftly Racerback Quicksand (Have this in my cart) Love Sleeveless Tank Porcelain Pink (For $38 I'm kinda tempted more so than the Swiftly) Sweat Date Singlet Misty Moss   (I actually really like all 4 colors in this tank!) Sweat Date Singlet Figue Sweat Date Singlet Expression   Laced With Intent Bra Misty Moon Define Pullover Heathered Slate

USA / Canada Upload! May 30th 2017

Jaded is a really nice color, but not digging the Twist & Train line. Looks a little too lingerie-ish for my tastes. The color is pretty dark for summer though. Nothing for me tonight, how about you? By the way, I am loving my new Train Times Crop ! I'll have a more detailed review up this Friday. Twist & Train Bra Jaded Twist & Train Crop Jaded Twist & Train Tank Jaded Twist & Train Crop Tank White Power Pose Tank Cherry Blossom (pretty pink but this may wash me out) Define Jacket Black Currant Sweat Date Singlet Mystic Green (I'm digging this color a lot, but not crazy about the tank) Swiftly Racerback Tank Boysenberry Swiftly Tech LS Boysenberry Cool Racerback Seascape Cool Racerback Toothpaste Love Tee Crew Seascape Pack Light Bomber Midnight Navy (I think this has potential, I like the crop look might have to try this on at the store) Vinyasa Scarf Tonka Stripe Red Grape