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USA / Canada Upload! May 30th 2017

Jaded is a really nice color, but not digging the Twist & Train line. Looks a little too lingerie-ish for my tastes. The color is pretty dark for summer though. Nothing for me tonight, how about you?

By the way, I am loving my new Train Times Crop! I'll have a more detailed review up this Friday.

(pretty pink but this may wash me out)

(I'm digging this color a lot, but not crazy about the tank)

(I think this has potential, I like the crop look might have to try this on at the store)

(super pretty! I love berry rumble and this is tempting me)


  1. I checked new items today. Lol. I've been so tired after camping with toddlers on long weekend. I might try the sweat date tank. New color is so pretty. This tank look so cute with longline bra.
    I tried hotty hot in toothpaste lastweek. Color is pretty but it's not for my skin tone. The fabric is sheer and i could see the lining seams through it.
    I wonder the color of hotty hot on the picture of boysenberry swiftly??

    1. I can't believe sweat date tank sz 2 and 4 are all sold out already. Probably $38 is too good not to order it right away for Everyone!!
      I saw align crop in boysenberry and black current so i oredered them too. I will return one of them but my wallet is not happy today.

    2. Not sure what color the hotty hot is with the boysenberry Swiftly. It almost looks like a pinker quicksand, which is nice. I want it!
      I'm still debating if I want to go to the mall after work today. I'll think about it. Boysenberry looks a lot like black grape so I would keep the black currant. Dark carbon looks good too. Maybe it's better I don't go to the mall, haha!

    3. But everyone waits for your fit review on Friday!!
      I heard dark carbon align leaves dark sweat mark.
      Well, after all I agree not to go to the store to try on something new. Oh wait, did i say everyone waits for your fit review??

    4. I can see how the dark carbon would leave a sweat mark. Don't worry I will still have a fit review up for you! It won't be anything from this week's upload though. I may try and stop by the store this weekend.

  2. Love some of the new colors and hope for a colorful print for June. Singular pastel color is tricky for my skin tone, but a mixture of them in a pretty pattern is always a win!

    1. That's true for me too, but it's a medium colored pastel I can pull it off with a darker color paired with it. Anything too light just washes me out.


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