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Fall Lust/Wish List!

I tend to spend a lot of money on new fall items.  It's my favorite season.  Here I've picked out 12 items I'm currently lusting after.  Doesn't mean I'll actually end up buying them, but I would love to have them!  Some of the items are out of my price range.  But others I may pull the trigger.  In absolutely no order here are my current favorites! Speed Wunder Under Tights in Florence (I am absolutely dying to get these!) Werkshop Geisha Leggings Absolutely love these Werkshop leggings and I'm bummed these sold out in my size so quickly!  I'm waiting patiently for a restock.  If you're new to Werkshop you can receive 10% off your first purchase. Balenciaga Small Classic City I know a lot of people are sick of bordeaux, but I absolutely love it for fall.  This bag is super high on my lust list, but unfortunately I can't have it, so I decided to settle on the Banana Republic substitute instead.  Much more affordable and i

Hellooooo September!

I loooove September.  It's the promise of fall, and fall is my favorite season.  I used to live in New York and spent a lot of time in Boston.  Fall in the northeast is pretty magical.  It's the changing of the leaves, the chilly temperatures that bring out the cutest outfits.  I would pull out my hats, my scarves and cute jackets with boots and stomp around on some leaves.  This year I'm in Atlanta and I don't know if I'll experience the same kind of thing here.  I know it won't get super cold in the winter which I am grateful for but I'm wondering what the fall season will be like. Fall fashion is the best.  Which brings me to this post.  Yesterday, I got an email from Athleta and I know a lot of Lululemon fans aren't a fan of Athleta.  I do however think Athleta is stepping things up a bit.  From the email I received, there are two pieces I am dying to see in person.  I mean, how cute is this outfit?  If you're new to Athleta use my referral lin