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USA / Canada Upload!! December 15th 2015

Tonight's upload has lots of new products but not so much that I would shell out my money for. This Lighten Up Bra is SUPER cute and I would like to try this.  Shown in Flashback Static Jewelled Magenta.  Sweet Savasana Pullover in Heathered Gray.  This also comes in Bordeaux Drama & Black.  A very pretty Runderful 1/2 Zip in Berry Rumble. Karmic Cocoon Wrap in Bordeaux Drama for a painful price of $198.  Also comes in Heathered Black. Hustle In Your Bustle Jacket in Space Dye Tender Violet.  I love the color but not the peplum style. We got the Run Speed Shorts in Static Mist.  I might get it if it makes its way to WMTM. I've been eyeing this for weeks!  Totally getting this awesome Vinyasa Scarf in Flashback Static Tender Violet.  I just hope the fleece isn't too thick. Vinyasa Scarf with a Zip in Tonka Stripe Slate Black.  I like how it looks but I'm unsure about the zipper.  Bundle Up Ur Bundas Onsie Not sur

What We Love! December 11th 2015

None of it is too interesting, at least for me.  I kinda like the Karmic Cocoon Wrap but it's in Bordeaux Drama and after yesterday's fail with the Cozy Cuddle Up Jacket I'm a little hesitant.  But maybe I'll like it since it is merino wool?  We'll see!  Oh and this week there is only one product drop on Tuesday.  Probably because they keep messing up the uploads.  They can't seem to handle two drops a week on their website.  Such a shame too since there are only 2 weeks left before Christmas!