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Review EPIC Bar Turkey Almond Cranberry

Happy Friday everyone! We're halfway into June and summer is pretty much here. The days are long and here in Atlanta there's still a glimmer of sunlight at 9:30 pm. It's amazing. I've been trying to eat better, which to me means cutting out sugar. I have a sweet tooth and it's the hardest thing for me to kick. I get hungry around 11 am and around 3:30 pm. As the receptionist, there's a huge candy bowl about three feet away from me filled with Kit Kats, Snickers, peanut M&Ms and more. The kind of candy that you wanted when you went trick or treating as a child. So around that time my eye always wanders over to this giant candy bowl. Half the time I can talk my way out of grabbing something out of the bowl. But I want to be better about it!  The other day I was at Whole Foods and saw EPIC Bars were on sale. Two for $4. I decided to pick up the turkey almond cranberry bar and uncured bacon bar. Today's review is for the turkey almond cranberry