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Is Cashlu Really Machine Washable?

Happy Friday everyone! A couple of months ago I bought the Wake Up & Go Sweater . Even though I decided to keep it, it took me a while to finally wear it enough times that eventually I got some soy sauce on it while eating dinner at a Japanese restaurant. The stain wasn't a huge spot, thank goodness, but enough that it was quite noticeable on my light blue sweater. I tried not to freak out about it. I've never purchased a cashlu item before and all I knew was that it was supposed to be machine washable. So I threw it in my washing machine the very next day. I used the delicate setting and washed the sweater by itself with nothing else in the load, just to be safe. I used my regular detergent and threw in just a little bit of fabric softener. Forty five minutes later I took it out of the washing machine and it seemed fine. The stain even came out! I was pretty happy. I threw it over my drying rack and hoped for the best. The next day I examined it closely and t

Upload! June 26th 2018

Tonight's upload was pretty typical except for this button down that I would have ordered if they still had my size! I'm pretty surprised it sold out so quickly at $108. That's a bit steep for a button down. Also, why does it say the model is wearing a men's size small? Does that mean a size XS would have been too big for me anyway? If anyone ordered it, let me know how it is! I'm super curious about it now. I am loving the figue color but I'm refraining from buying the same items just in different colors... Did you order anything? What do you think of the button down shirt? All Town Buttondown White For The Run Tank Violetta Essential Tank Heathered Figue Sculpt Tank Aquamarine Short Notice Tee Heathered Moss Rose (love this color but not a fan of the elastic along the hem) Swiftly SS Figue (Do love this color too, but I swore off Swiftlys!) Define Jacket Figue (I love this one too but swore off Define's as well!

I went and got my eyebrows tattooed!

I was pretty tired of drawing my eyebrows in everyday. I looked into microblading , but decided it's just too expensive for something that only lasts 2-3 years. It does look really fantastic and natural, I'll give it that. If it was a one time thing that lasted forever I would have done it for the price. I was looking for something more permanent and less expensive. Funny thing is, when my mom got her eyebrows tattooed twenty something years ago, my reaction was "OMG I'm never doing that!", said my 18 year old self. Hah, how things change. I'm no stranger to tattoos. I have five of them in various places on my body. What's another one? The pain is temporary and while it can hurt quite a bit while filling in the tattoo it's only a few seconds at a time. As soon as the needle stops, the pain stops. It's really not that painful, at least to me. That said, it took about two hours from start to finish. All my other tattoos took an hour or so. I sp

Fit Review Friday! Next Move Jacket & Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece

Happy Friday everyone! It's insane how quickly a week flies by. Before I get into the reviews, you may notice that my eyebrows look really dark. It's because I got them tattooed! I'll have a post on that once they're fully healed so I can share my experience with you all.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall. Typically a size 4 in Lululemon fitted tops but a size 2 in casual outerwear.  Next Move Jacket Vintage Quartz Size 2 I ordered this light weight hoodie to try for warm summer nights out. I thought it would be a super cute cropped hoodie and the vintage quartz color called to my girly side. However once I tried it on, I wasn't sure if it was flattering, so I asked my husband what his thoughts were. He said, "It makes you look like you're wearing kids clothes that are too small for you." I figured, maybe since he's a guy he might not know what he's talking about, so I asked my BFF her thoughts and she said, &qu

Upload! June 19th 2018

Another upload and unfortunately not a very exciting one. Which is good for my wallet since I'm currently eyeing something Gucci! I'll still cover Lululemon's weekly uploads, but to be honest I'm not as obsessed about them as I once was. The new Shibori misty moss print is nice, but not sure I would reach for it enough to justify buying it. So nothing for me this week! Energy Bra Shibori Misty Moss Breeze By Muscle Tank Barracks Green Run Off Route Tank Rose Blush Love Tank Expression It's A Wash LS Shibori Gris Magnum Scuba Hoodie Sheer Violet Scuba Hoodie Heathered Frosty (lovely color!) Wunder Under Hi-Rise Tight Shibori Misty Moss Street To Studio Pant Magnum (I wish these came in petite!) Align Pant Moss Rose In Movement Crop Sage Wunder Under Crop Blossom Spritz Speed Up Short Blue Glow Everyday Skirt Sage (This is cute, unfortunately it's not petite friendly. This would fall belo

Thoughts on Activewear. Has the Craze Died Down?

I'm slowly going to be expanding what I cover on this blog. Why? I've spent about an hour looking at different websites and have not been finding anything interesting. Increasingly it feels that the activewear market is drying up. I find myself less interested in the Lululemon updates every Tuesday. Sure I'm happy they're producing more colors that I like, but the items themselves aren't tempting me. Athleta seems to be diversifying their line with items that could work within an office environment, which I'm actually pretty happy about, but there's not enough of that just yet. Hopefully they will add more items like the Stellar Blazer and Stellar Crop that I reviewed in a recent post. Some of the things that I'll be talking about in the future are my thoughts and results with Alexia Clarke's fitness routine. I may also do a post showing our finished kitchen and some other changes we're making to our condo. I'm thinking about diving

Review EPIC Bar Turkey Almond Cranberry

Happy Friday everyone! We're halfway into June and summer is pretty much here. The days are long and here in Atlanta there's still a glimmer of sunlight at 9:30 pm. It's amazing. I've been trying to eat better, which to me means cutting out sugar. I have a sweet tooth and it's the hardest thing for me to kick. I get hungry around 11 am and around 3:30 pm. As the receptionist, there's a huge candy bowl about three feet away from me filled with Kit Kats, Snickers, peanut M&Ms and more. The kind of candy that you wanted when you went trick or treating as a child. So around that time my eye always wanders over to this giant candy bowl. Half the time I can talk my way out of grabbing something out of the bowl. But I want to be better about it!  The other day I was at Whole Foods and saw EPIC Bars were on sale. Two for $4. I decided to pick up the turkey almond cranberry bar and uncured bacon bar. Today's review is for the turkey almond cranberry