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Fit Review Friday! Next Move Jacket & Scuba Hoodie Light Cotton Fleece

Happy Friday everyone! It's insane how quickly a week flies by. Before I get into the reviews, you may notice that my eyebrows look really dark. It's because I got them tattooed! I'll have a post on that once they're fully healed so I can share my experience with you all. 

For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches tall. Typically a size 4 in Lululemon fitted tops but a size 2 in casual outerwear. 

I ordered this light weight hoodie to try for warm summer nights out. I thought it would be a super cute cropped hoodie and the vintage quartz color called to my girly side. However once I tried it on, I wasn't sure if it was flattering, so I asked my husband what his thoughts were. He said, "It makes you look like you're wearing kids clothes that are too small for you." I figured, maybe since he's a guy he might not know what he's talking about, so I asked my BFF her thoughts and she said, "why does it look like you're wearing rags?" That sealed the fate of this hoodie. It's just not flattering for a petite gal like myself. 

This is definitely a size down item. Even at a size 2 it felt baggy and loose. On the plus side, it is super comfortable. The french terry fabric is very soft and the color really is as pretty as it looks. Also the sleeves are actually the perfect length on me! The hood is oversized but I like that. I prefer my hoods to really cover everything.

Verdict- I sent this back. For $98 it should be more flattering. It would make a good lounge piece, but if I'm going to wear it around my house, $98 is a bit much to spend.

Next up, I ordered the Scuba Hoodie in vivid amber. I wanted a fun color for summer. I was expecting a marigold color. But when I saw it in person, my first thought was, this is really freaking orange. Super bright and super orange. So not what I was expecting!

Fit is the same as all my other Scubas. Size 2 was comfortable but I just could not get over how orange this is. It's almost blinding. I returned this ASAP. 

I'm kinda interested in the Define Jacket in nulux but I'm not digging any of the prints. That's it for me. Hope you all have a great weekend! Summer has officially arrived. Go out and enjoy it! 



  1. Thanks for the review and vintage quartz color looks so pretty on you! I have no idea why Lululemon keeps making cropped jackets that are too short even for us petite ladies. The Scuba Hoodie looks way better on you but that orange color is too much lol! I would much prefer a burnt orange color.

    I dropped by a Lululemon store yesterday and got myself the On The Fly Pant in Wee Are From Space Nimbus Battleship/Ice Grey. I did get the same pant before and returned it, but have been thinking about it so I purchased it again. It’s ankle length on me and looks nice with a pair of white sneakers. Looks super cute with rolled up cuffs. People complains about the pant stretching out and hopefully mine won’t. Got it in size 2 and cannot size down. :)

    I took a look at the WU Crop in Blossom Spritz Multi and it’s prettier than I thought. The print is very detailed and the colors are lovely. Too bad I’m not a floral nor pink person, but for those who are, definitely check it out.

    I’ve been thinking of getting a Define Jacket but worried about pilling. Do yours pill at all? I’m also tempted to get one in Nulux which might not pill as bad. Like you, I’m waiting for a nice color or print.

    I pulled the trigger and got myself an Align Pant 25” and an Align Crop 21” about a month ago, both in Area Ice Grey. They are buttery soft and so far I haven’t seen any pilling. If they do pill, hopefully it won’t show as bad on the grey/white print.

    I went through my closet and am thinking of selling some Lululemon items. I have a black and a white Transition Jackets which I’ve only worn a couple times and some other gently used Lululemon items which I can let go. I also have many Roots leather bags that look brand new, sitting in one corner of my closet. I guess a lot of us has bought more stuff than we really need, but we still give in to temptation once in a while! :)

    I hope your kittens are doing well. Take care and have a wonderful weekend!


    1. Andrea- I have a bunch of Define Jackets. They do pill, and it's very noticeable if you get a solid color Define. If you get one that is heathered or some kind of texture or pattern the pilling is way less noticeable. I would think the nulux wouldn't pill as bad which is why I am interested in getting one. Will have to wait it out and hope they release one I want.

      Yay! Glad you finally got a pair of Aligns. I love mine but I have about 5 pairs. I'm a little sad the crops are now 21" in length. The 19" fit me better. So that means I probably won't be getting anymore...

      I'm always looking to downsize in my closet. =) I actually almost purchased the Still Movement Wrap on WMTM but was checking out on my phone. For some reason my purchase wouldn't go through, and I was too lazy to get on my laptop. Went to bed and decided in the morning I really didn't need it! It's now sold out in the color I wanted so I guess it's not meant to be.

      Kittens are doing great! Will write a post about them soon!

  2. I agree, return both items. The top one looks poorly taylored and a little cheap, and I can’t imagine anyone looking good in that orange scuba colour. Hmmm... Lulu step up your game!!!

    1. Haha- seriously! Both are returned... not much that interests me from Lulu these days... better for my wallet though!


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