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Fit Review! Seek Softness Mid Rise Crop Stargaze

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Thank you all for responding to my informal poll in the previous post. It was pretty much a tie on the two colors and I decided to keep the Hooded Define Jacket in the diamond dye stargaze . Today I have a short and sweet review to kick off a new week.  For reference I'm 4 feet 11 and typically a size 4 in Lululemon bottoms. Seek Softness Mid Rise Crop Stargaze Size 4 Where do I even begin?! These are the softest pair of wide leg pants I have ever tried on. They are pretty heavy for a pair of pants. Definitely not suited for summer weather. I would say they would be perfect for spring and fall. They drape beautifully and it's the heaviness of the fabric that lends to that gorgeous cascading effect. These are advertised as crops, but as you all know being petite makes these a full length pant on me. The inseam on a size 4 measures 24 inches. The waistband is wide and has a ruching effect. I think the waistba

Nero 1999-2020

We love you and will miss you so much Nero. Be nice to Sherlock.  You were the best boy.

Surprise! Meet Neko! Simi Turns One!

All alone in her cage. Hi my name is Neko. I am seven months old. I came from a litter of five but was the last one to be adopted. One by one I saw all my siblings finding their forever homes except for me. One day a hooman male came by to visit and saw me all by myself. A week later he came to visit along with his female hooman. They eventually adopted me and now I have four siblings again!  Neko, Ash, and Flash Neko, Simi, and Flash Simi so far still has reservations about Neko. She will hiss at her from time to time, when Neko gets too close. This picture basically sums their relationship up. I'm sure Simi will eventually come around. She initially behaved this way with Flash and now she likes him the best. Neko, Simi, and Flash (sad this came out blurry) This is Ash, he has hooded eyes and the aloof one who doesn't like to be petted unless none of the other kittens are around. Then he's like pet me! Love me!  This is N

Update- Crazy Cat Lady's House!

I've become the crazy cat lady We've had the kittens now for about three months. Simi is no longer a kitten. She's the size of a regular cat. She weighs more than Nero now. I actually think she's getting a bit too thick. This is the look she gave me when I told her she is going on a diet: If looks could kill... She's getting so big she can no longer sit on the window sill without falling off. Seriously, look at that leg: After googling "how to put a cat on a diet in a multi-cat household", I discovered something called puzzle feeders. I found a bunch on Amazon and ordered three to try. No more free feeding! She's going on a diet starting tomorrow. All three will now have to work for their food.  My husband also ordered this window bed for Simi, but she rarely uses it. We find Flash or Ash occupying it mostly. I think Simi is just not used to it yet. It's been a couple of weeks since we got it and she's

We Became a Four Cat Household

Say what? Yes, we adopted another kitten almost two weeks ago. Ash & Simi got along well enough, but Ash seemed to terrorize her a lot. He's proven to be the tasmanian devil that never stops. Ever. Simi would get stressed after a while and would want to hide to get away from him. So we decided to get Ash a more suitable playmate. We welcomed Flash into our home. Who knew you an now adopt kittens at Lululemon? 😍 Ash & Flash Yes, we named him Flash after seeing him run so fast, all we saw was an orange blur. I will admit right now that my husband and I are geeks. We love all the superhero Marvel stuff. DC not so much. 😂 Ash & Flash are now best friends and that's all that really matters. Simi is much happier now. This is Nero who is very grumpy at the moment. Seriously, after I took this photo he yelled at me for waking him up from his nap.  Nero hasn't been formally introduced to Ash & Flash yet. He has met Simi a few times now