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Surprise! Meet Neko! Simi Turns One!

All alone in her cage.

Hi my name is Neko. I am seven months old. I came from a litter of five but was the last one to be adopted. One by one I saw all my siblings finding their forever homes except for me. One day a hooman male came by to visit and saw me all by myself. A week later he came to visit along with his female hooman. They eventually adopted me and now I have four siblings again! 

Neko, Ash, and Flash

Neko, Simi, and Flash

Simi so far still has reservations about Neko. She will hiss at her from time to time, when Neko gets too close. This picture basically sums their relationship up. I'm sure Simi will eventually come around. She initially behaved this way with Flash and now she likes him the best.

Neko, Simi, and Flash (sad this came out blurry)

This is Ash, he has hooded eyes and the aloof one who doesn't like to be petted unless none of the other kittens are around. Then he's like pet me! Love me! 

This is Neko on her first night with us.

Neko is super sweet. Most black cats are, which is a shame because they are always the last to get adopted. She is completely black while her other siblings are black with white patches. 

She is 7 months old but quite tiny still. 

Simi turned one on October 17th! 
For Simi's first birthday we made all of them steamed chicken dinners to celebrate. 

This is Nero, he's still King of the house. He looks so grumpy here I love it.

Nero napping on the rug. He turns brown in the sun.

This is Flash totally eyeing my salmon dinner.

If only he would look at me like that.

Simi still loves her window sills.

They all take turns with this window bed. I need to get another one now.

I never thought I would end up with five cats! Seriously this is it though. It's pretty easy still because Nero is 19 years old and just eats and sleeps all day. He's definitely showing his age which makes us sad. He still has no interest in the kittens at all.

If you're looking to adopt a cat, please consider adopting black cats.


  1. I love your cats! They are all so cute and have such different characters. Welcome to the family Neko (she's gorgeous).

    1. Thank you so much! I know I'm not supposed to have favorites but Flash and Neko are definitely the sweetest!

  2. Congratulations on having a new family member and Neko is so darn cute!!!

    I can never imagine having more than one pet in our family. Our dog is 15 years old and taking care of him alone keeps us really busy. Mind you it’s expensive too cos he lives a better life than us lol!

    They are so happy to have you and please keep sharing their lovely pictures!

    P.S. Happy belated birthday to Simi!

    1. I kept coming back to looks at the pictures. :). They are all adorable but I must say I find Flash the cutest!

    2. Thank you Andrea! Neko is so sweet. Generally cats are a lot easier than dogs. We are definitely spending a decent amount every month on litter and food for them. And we will set up a cat fund for future vet bills. =)

      Flash has the most personality of all the cats, but he's also the naughtiest!

  3. Congrats on becoming a cat mom again! I love your kitty posts and pictures.

    1. Thank you! I'm glad they're all getting along, except for Nero lol.

  4. Love the picture of Neko looking like a meatloaf!

    1. The meatloaf pose always cracks me up. Sometimes I'll call them my potatoes too.

  5. Your kitties are all so cute!! 🙀


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