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Fit Review Friday! Wunder Puff Jacket Heathered Plumful

Happy Friday! The weather this week has been awful for photos. It's been cloudy all week and I wasn't getting enough sunlight into the apartment so I had to improvise. I didn't want to disappoint you all and I really wanted to get this jacket up in time for fit review Friday. I think these might be the first pictures I took on the little balcony we have outside! 😆 I have a few more items to review and hopefully I'll have them up for Monday's post. For reference I'm 4 feet 11 inches and typically a size 4 in Lululemon tops. For the Wunder Puff Jacket I sized down after reading all the reviews of it running large. Wunder Puff Jacket Heathered Plumful Size 2 Initial thoughts, this jacket is POOFY! But I also love this duo chrome pink/purple so much! The color is awesome. I really really love the color of this jacket. I'm wearing a size 2 and I think this is the right call. My usual size 4 would have been enormous. I feel no restrictions in the shoulders and

Upload! September 24th 2019

I'm back! Will definitely write up a post over the weekend about my mini vacation to Boston and Newport. I did manage to duck into a few Lululemon's to check out the new stuff but didn't try on anything because we were walking about 9 miles a day in Boston and was too sweaty to try anything on. I was hoping the temperature would be in the 60s and 70s, but it wouldn't really dip below 75 while we were there. I was totally over dressed! I did end up wearing my new Athleta  Harmony Wrap  the entire time. I decided to keep the charcoal heather and return the teal color. For tonight's upload I am mostly excited about the  Sincerely Sherpa Wrap . I love how it looks and I hope it is really soft. For the price I think it is worth it and it comes in XXS! Anything for you tonight? Let me know! Swiftly Racerback Sheer Stripe True Navy Tied In Energy 2-in-1 Tank Plumful/Pink Bliss Train To Be Tank Wash Marvel Black Free To Be Wild Bra Long Line Glacier C