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Commit30 Planner 2016

This is my very first planner ever .  I've always looked at them in the past and thought, yeah I would never use one of those.  So why this planner?  I first heard of this planner from Agent Athletica.  You can read her post here .  I love a good challenge, and this planner is all about challenges.  You can say I've got a competitive streak.  And the best part?  You can reward yourself at the end of the 30 day challenge.  It's like a free pass to buy something!  This appeals to the shopaholic inside me.  A reward?  Yes please!  Sign me right up! This planner is called Commit 30.  Commit to something for 30 days.  It could be anything.  For January I'm challenging myself to drink at least 64 oz of H2O.  Green tea with no sugar added counts, but soda or anything that has sugar does not.  I have the hardest time drinking water.  I don't know why.  I think I maybe average 40 oz a day?  I know I get dehydrated too because I'll get these mild headaches.

My WMTM Haul- Snow Amazing Toque Sherpa, Snow Amazing Mittens Sherpa, Down for A Run Vest

My package came in early this morning while I was still sleeping.  I'm pretty excited by the vest since I've never actually worn one before.  I almost never wear long sleeve anything, even in the winter.  I prefer to wear a short sleeve t-shirt and then a open sweater cardigan or hoodie over it. Snow Amazing Toque Sherpa in Black/Gold Snow Amazing Mittens Sherpa Black/Gold.  I had to get the matching set .  Now the mittens are a little big on me.  I have tiny hands, but I think I can make them work.  These are now sold out on the website though. Snow Amazing Toque Sherpa in Berry Rumble. I lose hats ALL the time.  So I don't mind stocking up on some every year.  The Snow Amazing Toque is lined with Sherpa on the inside, making it super soft and super warm.  I can't wait to try these out tonight!   Down for A Run Vest in Forage Teal I got a size 4 in this.  I could have fit the two but it is quite snug, and I prefer a looser fit.  I

USA / Canada Upload! December 29th 2015

Now that Christmas is over I guess we're back to one upload per week again.  Although the twice a week uploads were pretty uneventful.  This week it looks like Lululemon is rolling out the swim wear.  I asked my husband, "Isn't it a little too soon for swim stuff?"  He says, "No because people will be going on vacation and Spring Break is coming up.  It's usually end of January and beginning of February."  That kind of makes sense but I'm still skeptical.  We just got out first snow fall last night and after eating so much for the holidays, I don't feel like trying on any swim suits just yet!  So I won't be posting any swim wear unfortunately. My pick for this week is the High Times Pant. High Times Pant Full On Luxtreme in Star Pixel Aquamarine Pace Rival Crop Space Dye Peacock Stop at Nothing Crop Full on Luxtreme in Fleur Sombre Fatigue Green Festival Bag in Blooming Pixie Multi  I really like the Blooming Pi

Australian Upload! December 28th 2015

They got a new swiftly in Peacock, and some shorts that I might be interested in, otherwise not much to report.   What I really want are the Speed Shorts in Blooming Pixie.  Hopefully that will come soon! Swiftly Racerback in Heathered Peacock Swiftly SS in Heathered Raspberry.  Very pretty. Run Times Short in Blooming Pixie Run Speed Shorts in Black Blooming Pixie.

Review! Werkshop Galaxy Leggings by Ghost & Stars!!

Thanks to AgentAthletica's post  I ordered these amazing leggings.  Seeing she purchased a size XS, I decided to go up a size.  I don't like my pants to fit too tight especially in the waist area so I went with the size small.  For reference I'm normally a size 4 in Lululemon WU and High Times Pants.  Thankfully these are not loose in the calf area which was what I was worried about.  They fit surprisingly well, not too loose not too tight, so I'm a very happy girl.  I already wore these out casually with my new Scuba Hoodie.  Is it a little too much pattern?  Maybe.  But totally fun! You can purchase the Galaxy Leggings  here .  They are $88 but made in the USA!  The material is on the thin side, so walking around 40 something degree weather in Boston was a bit chilly but if you walk at a good clip, it isn't bad.  Next time I'll wear them with boots. And if these don't rock your boat, they have plenty of other unique leggings for you

Reviews for Vinyasa Scarf Fleece, Scuba Hoodie III, Free To Be Wild Bra, Athleta Icecap Vest

Thanks to 2 day shipping, I received my order on Christmas Eve in a giant Lululemon box.  I've never ordered so much before that they had to send it in a box and not one of their shipping envelopes.  They also sent me a Lululemon black shopping tote that reminds me a lot like Tumi. Clockwise from the top- Free to Be Wild Bra in Static Mist, Vinyasa Scarf Fleece in Flashback Static Tender Violet, Scuba Hoodie III in Static Mist, Scuba Hoodie III in Star Pixel Raspberry. I'm returning the FTBW bra.  The splotches of gray on the left side just makes the bra look dirty.  Not a fan!   The Vinyasa Scarf is unfortunately very stiff.  It is very similar to the velour version.  Thick and not comfortable around my neck.  Also returning.  I noticed the website now labels it as Cotton instead of Fleece.  It's on sale and still not worth the $39 price.   I apologize for the craptastic photos!  The apartment is a mess.  This is the Scuba Hoodie III in Star Pix

Huge WMTM Upload! December 26th 2015

Here are my picks!  At the end of this post I'll tell you what I ordered and what NOT to buy! Runderful 1/2 Zip.  Comes in 5 different colors to choose from.  If it weren't so long on me I would have bought one for $69. Down For A Run Vest in Tender Violet for $99 Down For A Run Jacket in Tender Violet for $149 Daily Practice Jacket in Heathered Herringbone Black for $89.  If I didn't already have this I would get it!   Daily Practice Jacket in Heathered Herringbone Slate $89 High Times Pant in Tender Violet $69 Speed Tight IV in Space Dye Tender Violet $79.  I need to try these on before I decide.  This one is on my wish list! Turn Around Tight in Heathered Bordeaux Drama.  If they still had these in a 4, I would have ordered. Wunder Under Crop III Flashback Static Blue $69  Free Flow Crop Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Tender Violet $69 Warrior Scarf in Bon Bon $39 Lighten Up Bra in Clouded Dreams $3