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Huge WMTM Upload! December 26th 2015

Here are my picks!  At the end of this post I'll tell you what I ordered and what NOT to buy!

Runderful 1/2 Zip.  Comes in 5 different colors to choose from.  If it weren't so long on me I would have bought one for $69.

Down For A Run Vest in Tender Violet for $99

Down For A Run Jacket in Tender Violet for $149

Daily Practice Jacket in Heathered Herringbone Black for $89.  If I didn't already have this I would get it!  

Daily Practice Jacket in Heathered Herringbone Slate $89

High Times Pant in Tender Violet $69

Speed Tight IV in Space Dye Tender Violet $79.  I need to try these on before I decide.  This one is on my wish list!

Turn Around Tight in Heathered Bordeaux Drama.  If they still had these in a 4, I would have ordered.

Wunder Under Crop III Flashback Static Blue $69

 Free Flow Crop Diamond Jacquard Space Dye Tender Violet $69

Warrior Scarf in Bon Bon $39

Lighten Up Bra in Clouded Dreams $39

Swiftly Tech Racerback in Heathered Regal Plum $34.  I have this exact tank and I LOVE it.  

Do not buy this Vinyasa in Fleece, it is SO STIFF and not soft at all.  I will have a review up of this exact scarf on my blog soon!  Not worth it even at the sale price.

Now here is what I ordered.  I figured if I don't like them maybe I can give them away as gifts?  I have some birthdays coming up!

Snow Amazing Toque in Sherpa Berry Rumble $29.  I wasn't able to try these on at the store but I've felt them and they are amazingly soft!

Snow Amazing Toque Sherpa in Black Gold for $29.  The gold pom pom is super cute.

Snow Amazing Mittens Sherpa in Black Gold $34.  How could I say no to a matching set?

Down For A Run Vest Forage Teal $99.  I took a long time deciding between this and Tener Violet.  The Teal won.  Hopefully I'll like it in person!  

When I get my order I'll write a review!  Happy Shopping Everyone!  What did you order?