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Kitten Update! Nero turns 20!!

Taking a break from all the reviews tonight and want to give an update on our five cats! Nero officially turned 20 years old! Yes that's right, twenty! He's a sweetie, but is not a fan of the teens in our house. All of our kittens are officially over one year old. Neko was the last to turn one back in March. Nero the grump!  Neko is making herself comfy on my vintage Balenciaga bag. I really shouldn't let her do this, but she is just too cute.  Flash has really unique eyes. Sometimes they look dark brown almost black. Other times they look like a golden orange. Flash & Neko are BFFs. Simi is a sweet girl but needs to have her claws trimmed! She likes to make bread on your lap and it hurts!  Ash has grown up to be a handsome big boy. He's the biggest one of the gang. Can you tell which one is Ash? Ash is on the left, Neko on the right. Ash is always kind of has a sleepy look, Neko is the opposite always bright an

Surprise! Meet Neko! Simi Turns One!

All alone in her cage. Hi my name is Neko. I am seven months old. I came from a litter of five but was the last one to be adopted. One by one I saw all my siblings finding their forever homes except for me. One day a hooman male came by to visit and saw me all by myself. A week later he came to visit along with his female hooman. They eventually adopted me and now I have four siblings again!  Neko, Ash, and Flash Neko, Simi, and Flash Simi so far still has reservations about Neko. She will hiss at her from time to time, when Neko gets too close. This picture basically sums their relationship up. I'm sure Simi will eventually come around. She initially behaved this way with Flash and now she likes him the best. Neko, Simi, and Flash (sad this came out blurry) This is Ash, he has hooded eyes and the aloof one who doesn't like to be petted unless none of the other kittens are around. Then he's like pet me! Love me!  This is N