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WMTM - Worthy Mentionables

These are the needles in the haystack.  Who knows, the way Lululemon is lately there may be more goodies uploaded tomorrow. Rise and Run Bra $34-$39 Stress Less Hoodie $79 Be Present Scarf $39   (I have this in my cart it is super soft!) Scuba Hoodie in Heathered Bark Berry !!!!!!!  (if they had this in my size I would buy another, I absolutely love mine.) Spring Fling Puffy Windbreaker $139 (kinda tempted by this) Wunder Under Crop Hi-Rise $74 Rise and Run Bra  $34-$39 Rush Hour Jacket $119 (I never did try this on, but that purple is super nice)

Store Visit Try Ons! Be Present Scarf, Free To Be Zen Bra, Outrun Tight, Wunder Under Crop!

Went to the store yesterday and first thing I noticed at the store is this gorgeous Be Present Scarf.  It is super soft to touch, but I think it's too big for a petite person like me.   It's meant to be worn as poncho or wrap but I'm still tempted to get it anyway because the color is bright and will pop against dark fall outfits.  They also have this in a black & white version, not as fun though. Be Present Scarf in Trax Jewelled Magenta Black (scarf is made of a silk blend & wool) I love the mini obscurred print so I was hoping to find it in the Free To Be Wild bra but instead we have it in the Free To Be Zen bra.  The back is super strappy and while my normal size fit, the straps gave me too much back fat for my liking which I'll decline to show you a photo of lol. Free To Be Zen Bra in Mini Obscurred   Other than that, I thought the bra was very nice and comfortable.  I guess if you're lean and have a nicely toned back this woul