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WMTM & Update on More Than Modal Pant

Happy Friday everyone! Unfortunately this week has been super crazy for me. I haven't had time to go to the store after work to do a fit review. 😩 I know a lot of you look forward to my fit review Fridays and trust me I do too! I had a big post coming up for today, but then Lulu decided to take a whole week to ship my goodies. Totally upended my plans. So I apologize for that. I will do a photo shoot this weekend and I'll be heading to Lululemon to return my More Than Modal Pant (I'll explain why). But first, we have a few items worth noting about on WMTM. Swiftly SS Capri Black Swiftly LS Cerulean Blue Love Crew Karma (I'm surprised to find these tees already on WMTM) Love Crew Namaste A few weeks ago I went to the store and purchased the light gray  More Than Modal Pant . I have a fit review of them here . I totally love how soft they are and wore them around the house. After one wash I noticed two small holes and some fraying near one of

S'well Bottle Review!

I'm somewhat addicted to these S'well bottles.  My husband has three and I've got four of them.  S'well bottles come in three sizes.  There's the giant sized one at 25 ounces.  The medium size holds 17 ounces (which is my go to size).  Then there's a small version that holds 9 ounces.   25oz bottle is on the left, three middle ones are 17oz and the last one on the right is 9oz. I've found that the 25 ounce bottle doesn't always fit into car cup holders.  It's also pretty big and I can't comfortably hold the large bottle with one hand.  My favorite size is the 17 ounce.  The small 9 ounce bottle really doesn't hold much liquid at all, I think it's better for children.  Three sips of water and it's empty.  I got one just because it's so cute.   That's Baby Jade and Nero (yes I've named my S'well bottle Baby Jade)   I've had my S'well bottles for quite a while now.  My first S'well bot

My Current Lust List!

As most of you know, I was on a shopping ban for all of February.  Now that it's over (well I have 10.5 hours exactly) I want to look over my lust list.  Here is what I've been lusting over for a month or so. Alexander Wang Mini Rockie in Latte with Rose Gold Hardware I will always have a love for bags, and this one caught my eye.  The color is a light brown which is perfect for Spring/Summer but can also work with Fall/Winter whites.  I absolutely love the rose gold hardware.  I used to own a regular sized Rocco bag, but it was too heavy for me.  This mini Rockie weighs a little less than 2 pounds and I'm pretty sure I can handle that.   S'well bottle Jade 9 oz S'well bottle Blue Marble 17 oz S'well bottle Neptune 17oz I'm pretty obsessed with S'well bottles.  I don't think I'll actually get 3 new ones, but I would like a smaller sized and maybe add another 17 oz to my current wood one.  I'll have to think about i