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S'well Bottle Review!

I'm somewhat addicted to these S'well bottles.  My husband has three and I've got four of them.  S'well bottles come in three sizes.  There's the giant sized one at 25 ounces.  The medium size holds 17 ounces (which is my go to size).  Then there's a small version that holds 9 ounces.  

25oz bottle is on the left, three middle ones are 17oz and the last one on the right is 9oz.

I've found that the 25 ounce bottle doesn't always fit into car cup holders.  It's also pretty big and I can't comfortably hold the large bottle with one hand.  My favorite size is the 17 ounce.  The small 9 ounce bottle really doesn't hold much liquid at all, I think it's better for children.  Three sips of water and it's empty.  I got one just because it's so cute.  

That's Baby Jade and Nero (yes I've named my S'well bottle Baby Jade)  

I've had my S'well bottles for quite a while now.  My first S'well bottle I purchased over a year ago and it's holding up fairly well.  I drop things all the time, and yes I've even dropped my S'well bottle outside on concrete.  It did nick some of the finish so you can see a scuff, but it didn't dent the bottle at all.  

These do have to be hand washed.  Some of these are hand painted, depending on which one you buy.  I have a couple that are painted to look like wood.  The cool thing is they are all unique!  

The blue one all the way to the right shows the most wear because of the shiny finish.  You can see scratches very easily.

The best thing about S'well bottles I've found is that it keeps your cold liquids cold for 24 hours.  Hot liquids stay hot for up to 12 hours.  It's great to also leave in the car and knowing your drink will still be the same temperature when you get back.  I found that since I started using my S'well bottles I do not use plastic water bottles as much which makes me more eco friendly!  

Sometimes I will also use the bottles for hot tea.  I'm the type that likes to drink my tea very slowly.  Usually the tea will get too cold by the time I'm finished with it.  With the S'well bottle, the tea stays hot all day!  

My current favorite S'well bottle

The opening of the bottle is not too big and not too small.  That said it will not fit ice cubes.  It will however fit ice that are fruit shaped.  I also have these thin ice trays I bought from IKEA.  It is very similar to these at William Sonoma.

Perfectly sized to fit into water bottles.

I also use my S'well bottle every time I do my workout.  I find it super easy to twist the cap on and off.  And nothing tastes better than ice cold lemon water after a hard workout.  

See there?  I'm holding on to my S'well bottle for dear life.

As of right now Bloomingdales is having a friends & family coupon 25% off and it also applies to S'well bottles!  

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And here are some of my favorites-


  1. Aww love the picture of Baby Jade and Nero! Nice collection too! Do you know if there's any differences between "normal" S'well bottles and the Sip by Swell ones at Target?

    1. Sip by S'well isa little smaller than the middle sized S'well bottle at 15 ounces and they don't say how long the liquid stays cold or hot for. Just "longer than your average water bottle" is what I got off of the website. It's also cheaper, $24.99 so it's more budget friendly. But with the 25% off F&F it's about the same price as a Sip by S'well.

  2. Could you tell me how you would rank each finish of Swell by durability? (which is least likely to scratch, etc)

    1. Ah good question.
      Least likely to scratch/most durable are the rough finish ones. I believe those are from the Stone collection. After that it would be a tie between the wood finish and the marble collection. The one that scratches the most easily is the shiny finish ones. Hope that helps!


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